The blog theme is becoming usable. Take a look on my profile page.*
It's derived from Twenty Eleven wordpress theme (We are not the only with number-named themes :-) )

  • Posts in profile page without comments: click on comment link display post with all comments
  • support threaded comments
  • popup post editor and comment thread reply editor with fancybox
  • header image configurable (by now between two images and none)
  • option for show header image only on /profile/ pages
  • one column layout if no aside text set
  • single post display page always one column

What is missing:

  • all "social actions" : like/dislike/star/etc links are missing from templates
  • nice styles on some pages (big one: photos pages)
  • many others

code at

* Not really ready for everyday use. Switched back to quattro on my profile.
Fabio 2 years ago
Oliver 2 years ago from ~Friendica
Depending on your needs, the profilehome addon might not be necessary. It kind of duplicates the 'singleuser' feature.


This will always send the homepage to the singleuser profile. It also redirects the directory to the global directory iirc, since the local directory won't have much value in single-user mode.

You still might want an admin switch to turn it on, so the plugin isn't entirely redundant.
Mr. X 2 years ago
Yep, it was an experiment. It should be removed :-)
Next plugins/mods:
- previous and next post links in /display/ page
- a way to manage "podcast" posts: single post with multiple multimedia file attached and multiple rss, one for each multimedia enclosure
- a "select image from your photos or upload" widget: usefull to: set profile image, set blog theme head image, insert images in post editor when not using tinymce
Fabio 2 years ago
But RSS can only legally have one multimedia enclosure per feed item.

Don't even get me started...

This is why I completely stopped providing RSS feeds the exact moment Atom became an RFC. So did Roger Cadenhead - who I believe was responsible for implementing the damn spec in the first place for his holiness Mr. Winer - which he sort of stole from Netscape and added "enclosures" (only one per item) and claimed podcasts as his invention as well as RSS. Even Aaron Schwarz seems to be involved in the drama that Winer created to promote himself as supreme God of RSS. David Winer is a jerk. You can quote me on that.
Mr. X 2 years ago
But RSS can only legally have one multimedia enclosure per feed item.

Yes, I know.
Take my "RSS" for "feed from friendica". I should have written "Atom".

I meant: a post with two attachment, one mp3 and one oga, in category, say, "podcast".
yoursite/dfrn_poll/user : atom feed without (or with all?) enclosures
yoursite/dfrn_poll/user?t=mp3 : atom feed with mp3 enclosure
yoursite/dfrn_poll/user/podcast?t=oga : atom feed for "podcast" category, with oga enclosure

My usecase is a podcast with multiple formats available. A user may want to subscribe to mp3-only feed because he listens on crappy personal music players, like ipod. Another one has 50€ mp3 player which plays also ogg (i have one) and he prefers to listen the more quality-less space version :-)
Fabio 2 years ago
:like :like

Yeah I often use the term RSS as well, just because it is more recognisable than "Atom" or "ActivityStream".
Mr. X 2 years ago
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