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Java users: manual intervention required before upgrade
To circumvent a conflicting files issue, manual intervention is required only if package java-common is installed. This can be checked with the following command:
$ pacman -Q java-common
java-common ...

If so, please run the following prior to upgrading:
# archlinux-java unset
# pacman -Sydd --asdeps java-runtime-common
:: java-runtime-common and java-common are in conflict. Remove java-common? [y/N] y
# archlinux-java fix

You can then go ahead and upgrade:
# pacman -Su

Please note that new package java-runtime-common does not use nor support forcing JAVA_HOME as former package java-common did. See the Java wiki page for more info.
Fabio 1 day ago
There is also vcsh, which does not require moving the files elsewhere.
The NoPhone is a technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact that allows you to stay connected with the real world.
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Welcome to the free web.

GNU-Social - for those who prefer Twitter-like interaction
Diaspora - basic social networking - Facebook alternative - another basic social networking - Facebook alternative
GNU-MediaGoblin - media publishing
redmatrix - web publishing with decentralised privacy (and social networking)
Friendica - the superglue of the free social web

The goal of course is for all of these projects to all move more toward the center. Overlap is good. That's where we can share something on one service with somebody on a completely different service. One day it is hoped we won't even be able to distinguish a boundary between services. It will just be the free web.

Fabio 1 week ago
dimenticato 'libertree' ... porelli
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Isightpartners: iSIGHT discovers zero-day vulnerability CVE-2014-4114 used in Russian cyber-espionage campaign - iSIGHT Partners (Stephen Ward)
Zero-day impacting all versions of Microsoft Windows - used in Russian cyber-espionage campaign targeting NATO, European Union, Telecommunications and Energy sectors On Tuesday, October 14, 2014, iSIGHT Partners - in close collaboration with Microsoft - announced the discovery of a zero-day vulnerability impacting all supported versions of Microsoft Windows ...

Fabio 1 week ago
Ancora meglio: parilamone
Fabio 1 week ago
E a quanto pare l'infezione avveniva tramite dei power point... sempre detto che le presentazioni in power point sono pericolose!
I gusti son gusti

da qui
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Fabio 1 week ago
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meh - looks like the emulated Android is 4.0 only :-/
Tobias 2 weeks ago from open socialverse
Ha, installed. Works on #Nexus4
Run external process asynchronously with Pytho, GLib. Get stdout and stderr via signals.

#python #glib #gobject #gtk
#python #glib #gobject #gtk python
Fabio 2 weeks ago

Friendica 3.3 code name 'Ginger'

@Friendica Developers @Hackathon Berlin 2014

Friendica stable 3.3 is tagged in repo.

An official announcement will be on in short time ( :-) ) with a full changelog and download links.

The 3.4 release is planned for 1st April 2015. Belive me.

A new branch "develop" has been created.
All new work will be done in this branch, while "master" will keep only stable and hot-fixs.

Read more about git flow.

Contributors should read the Code improvement recommendation
(this document will be added to main repo and/or wiki)
Fabio 2 weeks ago
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@Tobias "edit source" falls back to the wikitext editor in mediawiki btw.
*freie funken* 5 days ago from Twidere
now I just need to know the translation of that ;-) and time, as weekend shopping needs mine now ;-) reformatting the blogentry cost far too much time thanks to that rech-editor...
Tobias 5 days ago from open socialverse
Updated @Owncloud to 7.0.2
Everything looks ok.
I used the same procedure as last upgrade:
- copy the webserver folder with owncloud, as backup
- delete all files and folders except "config" , "apps" and "data"
- extract new owncloud somewere
- copy new files into webserver folder
- cd into webfolder
- run "php console.php upgrade"

oh, and
- panic a little moment when you realize you have deleted the roundcube folder (which was a subfolder of owncloud webserver folder)
- copy it back from backup copy

now I have to update the 3th party apps I'm using..

Don't worry: updating friendica from 3.2 to the next 3.3 should be mooooore easy! :-P
Fabio 3 weeks ago

Mozilla: Matchstick Brings Firefox OS to Your HDTV: Be the First to get a Developer Stick (Shawn Bow)
The first HDMI streaming stick powered by Firefox OS has arrived. It's called Matchstick and we're looking for your help to create apps for this ...
Fabio 3 weeks ago

Gapyear: Your Complete Global Guide to Pepperoni
Pepperoni. It's awesome! But what do you need to know about it while abroad? This infographic covers everything a traveller could possibly need to know!
Fabio 3 weeks ago

Crashworks: If programming languages were vehicles
C was the great all-arounder: compact, powerful, goes everywhere, and reliable in situations where your life depends on it.
Fabio 3 weeks ago
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The 31C3 Wiki is online: Get ready and contribute!
Nearly exactly a year back we also went public with the conference website: our wiki, that serves as the main hub for the whole community driven and decentral approach of running the congress. We are using again some semantic forms to gather the various activities provided by all of you. Thanks that we all together make this happen!

So please go ahead and plan your travel and accommodation, check out the FAQ for an overview on all the information provided and you might also wanna have a look at the how-to-survive-guide.

Just like last year, our venue will be the CCH in Hamburg. and it will be filled up again by your awesome projects organized and accessible via your assemblies.

The wiki is always a work in progess, which you can be part of: Sign-up and contribute in various ways by improving its content. You have any addition or you found any error? Don’t hesitate to change them directly! When you come across a locked page or have further questions please contact us, we will do our best to help you.
Fabio 3 weeks ago
Fabio 4 weeks ago
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Vero? lo sa la mia ragazza!
Fabio 4 weeks ago

Forza Panino

Niente, stavo ascoltando in macchina (a palla. cantando. sempre a palla. fortunatamente da solo.) "Made in Japan - Live at Parco Capello" degli Elio e le Storie Tese, e mi son perso nel magico mondo di Paul Branigade.

Elioelestorietese: Il nome di Feiez " Elio e le Storie Tese
Da Vite Bruciacchiate - Ricordi confusi di una carriera discutibile. Una cosa che faccio fin da bambino è inventare un sacco di soprannomi alle persone a cui voglio bene. Paolo Panigada è una delle persone a cui ne ho affibbiati di più. Quando Paolo è entrato nel gruppo, gli abbiamo dato il nome d'arte Mu Fogliasch...
Fabio 4 weeks ago

User python venv

Just an idea, and I'm sure someone already did it.
Create a #virtualenv in user home and add venv's activate in ~/.bash_profile.

This way I can "pip install" what I want without touching the system.
And if (or "when") I install something wrong, I can delete the venv and recreate it..

@Python Forum #linux
Fabio 1 month ago

Onethingwell: One Thing Well
A weblog about simple, useful software.
Fabio 1 month ago
This one is going straight to my feed reader, right beside Inconsolation.
Magari per uno scoiattolo o un criceto XD

Ecoblog: Cicche di sigaretta, le compra a 1 cent e libera la spiaggia di Noto dai mozziconi (Marina Perotta)
Gianni Di Pasquale, pensionato di Sortino in Sicilia ha messo in campo una originale quanto efficace iniziativa personale: liberare le spiagge dalle cicche di sigaretta pagandole 1 centesimo. La quota prevista per la giornata di raccolta era di 20 euro.
Fabio 1 month ago
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Dove vivo io è peggio ... Ma qualcosa sta cambiando ..ora insegnano certe cose ai bimbi sin da piccoli.
Giaco el vecio 1 month ago from freedom land
I mie nipoti sanno fare la raccolta differenziata. A me a scuola non l'ha insegnata nessuno. Se non si parte con la sensibilizzazione non si otterrà mai nulla. Quest'uomo è da ammirare a prescindere da quanto abbia raccolto e da perchè lo abbia fatto. Siate positivi una volta. Sempre a cercare il problema anche dove non c'è.
Renderfarming: Big Buck Bunny 3D - Download
The movie is available in several different sizes and formats. To get the best experience you should pick the download that suits your hardware. We recommended trying out the 60 fps version and that you switch to the 30 fps version if your hardware has issues decoding the video.

Now I have to wait for a 4K 3D monitor...
Fabio 1 month ago
(boss.. *hint*)
Fabio 1 month ago
My new favourite web radio: Yeah Right Radio
Fabio 1 month ago
Io mi sono un po' stancato delle solite canzoni anglofone e sto ascoltando le radio cubane.
Sandro kensan 1 month ago from Diaspora
I listen rarely to radio, but my favorite station is still WeFunk :-)
Dennis 1 month ago
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Linux-based pedalboard features 100+ virtual effects

Linuxgizmos: Linux-based pedalboard features 100+ virtual effects
Sep 18, 2014 | Eric Brown A Kickstarter project called "MOD Duo" is an open source Linux music pedalboard with Arduino hooks and virtual pedals for 100-plus guitar and voice effects. The MOD Duo is billed as "the first multipurpose pedal."
Fabio 1 month ago
Fabio 1 month ago
That's not fair.


Bisognerebbe capire: stiamo parlando di cose imparate per unità di tempo o di cose imparate totali per tempo trascorso?

E in ogni caso la curva di vi non è accurata, quella vera è molto più analitica (anche se quella è una buona approssimazione, se vogliamo usare segmenti).

"Easy read" bookmarklet

We live in fascinating times.
The technology is everyday better, faster (harder...).
This days you can buy beautiful computer monitors with magnificent resolutions. I'm quite in the "normal" range, with a 1920x1200 monitor.

Unfortunately, there are people who don't like changes and keep their 1024x720 CRT monitor to write their blogs and websites. Which have usually a width of "100%". "Hey, it looks good here!"

Thanks to the technology, I have a fantastic chair with wheels, so I can roll right to left while I'm reading this sites. But I'm lazy. So I wrote a piece of javascript which adds some css to the current page to make it more comfortable to read.
It's tailored on TdWTF, but it works on many other sites.

Create a new bookmark and use this as url:

Click the bookmark while on a large page and the www is instantly more readable!
Fabio 1 month ago

Friendica and Lighttpd

@Friendica Developers

If you are using Friendica on Lighttpd, add this line to your lighttpd config file:

server.reject-expect-100-with-417 = "disable"

There are problems with curl and lighttpd without this line that prevent ~friendica ~friendica to work properly
Fabio 1 month ago
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I've added the string to lighttpd sample config, modified mods/readme.txt, setted the internal push server as default after instalation, found why installation was without css (as reported by @Hauke Altmann when he fixed the vagrant file), fixed a remaining call to $.curCSS() in quattro theme and removed all email templates in view/[lang]/ folders (again).
I was looking also to frost-mobile theme, but I don't know why I don't get any js error in console...
Fabio 1 month ago
Bash: QDB: Quote #950581
Six Stages of Debugging
1. That can't happen.
2. That doesn't happen on my machine.
3. That shouldn't happen.
4. Why does that happen?
5. Oh, I see.
6. How did that ever work?
7. svn blame
8. one day we will write tests
Fabio 1 month ago
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Bah, i nuovi lego con tutti i pezzi su misura per fare un ben preciso modellino non son più i lego di una volta, non c'è più nessuna creatività.
Parliamo di star wars! Fottesega della creatività in questi casi. Qui si va ben oltre lo scrutabile e il percepibile!
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Nessun obbligo di accettare sistemi operativi preinstallati.

Ilsole24ore: La sentenza: nessun obbligo per chi acquista un pc di accettare il sistema operativo
Storia dell'articolo Questo articolo è stato pubblicato il 11 settembre 2014 alle ore 19:29. La Cassazione ha bocciato il ricorso della multinazionale dell'informatica Hewlett Packard Italiana stabilendo che "l'acquisto del computer non implica l'obbligo di accettare il sistema operativo, pena lo scioglimento della vendita e l'azzeramento dell'intera operazione".
Fabio 1 month ago
Questa mi era sfuggita @Gruppo Linux Como #linux #italia #PA

Tomshw: Il Comune di Torino passa a Linux: addio Windows XP
Il Comune di Torino ha deciso di approfittare del pensionamento di Windows XP per passare a Linux. "Il passaggio comincerà dal prossimo autunno e ci vorrà un anno e mezzo per completarlo", sottolinea il city manager Gianmarco Montanari.
Fabio 1 month ago
Ci crederò solo quando (e se) lo vedrò. Sono troppo abituato a dichiarazioni di questo tipo, qui a Torino.
s/qui a Torino/in tutta Italia/ :(
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Impossiblehq: An Unexpected Ass Kicking / IMPOSSIBLE (Joel Runyon)
“That’s the problem with a lot of people”, he continued, “they don’t try to do stuff that’s never been done before, so they never do anything, but if they try to do it, they find out there’s lots of things they can do that have never been done before.”

A random meeting in a coffee shop with the creator of the first internally programmable computer leads to some food for thought.
Fabio 1 month ago
@Hackathon Berlin 2014

Still 5 min of train and I'm home.
Flight was only 4 tour late, but they apologized more than once...

I'd like thanks you all for the fantastic weekend and for being so patient with my poor english :-)

I'm looking forward to the next event, and i'm sure will be greatest!
Fabio 1 month ago from Friendica mobile web
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The company had a "major technical problem" with the plane in Milan, and they didn't have the spare part at hand. So they choosed to send another airplane which took 4 hours to arrive in Berlin.

[sarcasm]I have to say that the beautifull and cozy airport of Schönefeld was a nice place to pass four hours...[/sarcasm]
Fabio 1 month ago
Berlin is famous for cozy airports :-)

In the image:
@Hauke Altmann is trying to understand why there was 3 version of jquery (minified and not) and no-one is used.
@*freie funken* while looking at duepuntozero theme with Comic Sans font
@Michael Vogel is fixing bugs, closing issues, and watching to food porn photos
@Tobias trying to figure out how many themes we have, which ones are still used, which ones have just two lines of css added, and which ones we can drop. Here is caught a second before a "rm -rf themes/"

@Hackathon Berlin 2014
Fabio 2 months ago

Friendica 3.3 Release Candidate

After two days of hard work, 3.3-RC is tagged!

You can pull it or download it from releases page

Please, test it and report bugs!

@Friendica Developers
@Hackathon Berlin 2014
Fabio 2 months ago
Seems to be much faster on the Raspberry Pi, database optimizations?
Andreas 2 months ago
@Hackathon Berlin 2014

confession: i'm using "git gui"...
Fabio 2 months ago
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@Beanow You are using WINDOWS? You are out!


(Typing from MacOS)
Win7 is the last M$ os I'll use though. With the feature stop already in place, it won't be long. But mac os is just as bad xD
Beanow 2 months ago
@Hackathon Berlin 2014

Email machinery was quite funny..
you'll be happy to know that translations for email will be in .po file. But you'll have to rewrite them... (bwahahah! ehm.)
Fabio 2 months ago
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