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$89 Pinebook Linux Laptop To Go On Sale Next Month - OMG! Ubuntu!

Have you been patiently waiting for further information on that cheap and cheerful (if not hugely powerful) $89 Linux ARM laptop we mentioned last year?

At the time of our article we shared the specifications of the notebooks, their price, and their potential performace.

But that aside we didn’t know anything else, like when the device might actually go on sale.

Well, now we do.

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#pinebook #arm #gnu #pine64

@Gruppo Linux Como facciamo un ordine come gl-como, io ne prendo subito uno...che ne dite?

Tanto quello di Olimex vedra' la luce chissaquando.. ..e chissa' quanto costera'...questo missa' sara' sold-out dopo le prime ore...

ho appena messo giu' il bilancio 2016..... COSA VUOI FARE TU COME GL-COMO!!! #Alberto

no, 3ddy ha dilapidato le mie.... la cassa del GL e' sempre stata vuota!