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The fediverse needs more #pizza


@fabrixxm The pizza looks very good but I haven't understood what is the stuff that is on top of it.

Tartare di tonno, pomodorini rossi e gialli, mozzarella di bufala, salsa. Basilico e olio q.b.

Interessante l'idea della tartare di tonno sulla pizza, mai vista prima ma dovrò trovare il modo di provarla 🤤

Isn't pizza more famous in the south? Shouldn't you post pasta pictures? :-)

Pizza is world wide.. the Word Wide Pizza. The WWP.
I should post Mailänder Schnitzel photos. :-P

@Fabio Ha ha, I don't know if it's because Italy is so far from the US or because we have oversized portions but it really looks tiny to me.

The second thing you said. :-P

@Fabio But Italy is demonstrably far from the US, so I guess we'll never know for sure.