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I got e17 to run in X full screen direct on framebuffer device on a cheap android tablet.

The tablet was rooted and ROM updated with a cyanogenmod to android 4.0 (i think).
Via F-Droid Lil' Debi was installed, and then a debian stable was bootstrapped.
In chroot needed packages was installed via apt: enlightenment, xorg fbde driver, mouse driver, keyboard driver, multitouch driver.
Some device nodes has been added in chroot's /dev , mainly /dev/tty0..4, /dev/graphics/fb0..4 (even if only fb0 is used, I need to discovery what other fb devs are..), input/event0..8 input/mouse0 input/mice

As evdev don't work in this setup, every input must be configured in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. ATM I can't get touchscreen to work, so I'm testing it using tablet cover's usb keyboard and an usb mouse.
USB mouse is mapped to /dev/input/mouse0, but keyboard can change it's /dev/input/eventN device. I'm updating it manually, I think I will write a small script which parses /proc/bus/... show more

nice :-) :like which tablet did you use?

Ekoore Pike 10 (in italian) which is a chinese device (I don't remember which, now) re-branded by a small Italian company.
It's dated and out of production now.

I think you can use whatever android device you want, if you have root access.

Yea is use lil debi also, it rox... there is also Debian Kit

I'll try it

Very cool, Fabio.

Da bravino, perchè non metti un filmato di quello che hai fatto? Mi piacerebbe vedere come si comporta e17 su un tablet

appena ho tempo

@Adriano Morselli Video:

E perchè non e19?

It's a debian stable, no e19 on debian stable.

But the file browser didn't want to open?

No, I don't know why, I'll check what is missing...

Bravo!! Questa non me la voglio perdere....portalo alla prox riunione che sono curioso...tra l'altro ha un HW molto scraso,quel coso....😱

Parola torna indietro, ho scoperto che sia e18 sia e19 hanno diversi bug, mentre e17 viene portato avanti come Moksha desktop, soluzione a vecchi e nuovi bug, fra cui anche EFM che ti dà qualche problemino ad aprirsi ;-)

Potrebbe anche non essere installato, per dire... :-)

@Dennis it's a problem with dbus.
starting enlightenment_filemanagerresults in

ERR<6396>:ecore_con ecore_con_dns.c:153 ecore_con_info_init() resconf_open: No such file or directory
ERROR: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.enlightenment.FileManager was not provided by any .service files

yay nice :-) lol i was just reading the same page

I really have no clue about how easy it is to root an Android device. Is it model dependent or producer dependent?

The most devices (if not all) you can root, but not every device has a official CyanogenMod port, some have a unoffical port, some not even such as.
Popular devices have more support than others, regulary.

so 0th step would read through the CM list of rootable devices and pick a decent one with a affordable price and start from there...

Or don't use CyanogenMod, but use #Replicant, a fully free android based OS:

Replicant has such a big list of supported tablets...

Well it's a much smaller community than CM and they focus on software freedom which is not very easy to support everything with free software, as you can see here: