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Gnocchi di patate
* 1Kg di patate
* ~200g di farina
* 1 uovo

Bollite, spelate e schiacciate le patate.
Impastate con l'uovo e la farina.
Tagliate gli gnocchi dall'impasto e passateli su una forchetta per dargli la caratteristica forma.
Buttate in acqua bollente e salata.
Quando vengono a galla sono cotti.
Condite come più vi aggrada :-)

Too bad I don't speak italian, it looks damn yummy. Well, I can get most of the recipe (thanks to french and italian being relatives), so I'll try it anyway :)


1KG potatoes
200g flour
1 egg

boil, peel and mash potatoes.
knead potatoes, egg and flour.
cut a piece of mix, roll on table, to get it a "sausage" shape, and cut pieces from it to get gnocchi.
If you want you can try to pass them on a fork, rolling gently with a thumb, to make them get the characteristic shape.
Drop the gnocchi in boiling salt water. Pull out when come to surface.

Dress as you like :)

I like them a lot with butter, parmigiano and cheese.
Are very good with pesto. And also with tomato sauce.

yummy it was :-) though we didn't manage the sausage state as the mix was a bit too liquid/sticky thus we got small ping-pong ball sized gnocchi dressed in Gorgonzola sauce.

thx for the recipe :-)

you're welcome :)