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@Friendica Theme Developers

The default theme, and most updated to last features, is duepuntozero, but default tpl files in view/ folder belong to quattro theme.
I'm going to move quattro specific tpls to view/theme/quattro and move duepuntozero's tpls in view/, to use dupuntozero templates as default.
I think is more correct.
Plus, I don't know if I will continue quattro theme, so after this will be easier to remove..
Pull requested.
Please check your theme.

Do all web server support symlinks? I've now copied the template files from quattro to quattro-green but symlinks for them would be nicer IMO.

You don't need to copy templates, if you declare in theme.php that you are extending quattro
$a->theme_info = array(
'extends' => 'quattro',

*lol* Thanks Martin

I thought that was coming for the 42nd birthday ;-)

@David Benfell yepp, and I think once I understood that REGEX the universe will reinvent itself :-)

@Jerome Welcome to ~friendica ~friendica then :-)