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version 0.0.1, quite experimental.
Looks very good. I'm looking for a way to integrate Peertube into Friendiqa. I didn't know it works without the webtorrent stuff...

there's an app for peertube on android, I can't find the link right now.
You could want to talk with the developer to find a way to use it from friendiqa, maybe via an action


#trenord avvisa che possono esserci fino a 15 minuti di ritardo causa guasto temporaneo agli impianti di circolazione nella stazione di Rovellasca.

E menomale che il guasto è temporaneo. Pensa te se era definitivo!

#trenò #trenordn't
Non piace a Elena ``of Valhalla''.



Using jq to pretty print nextcloud logs

NextCloud is a great software, but its logs aren't easy to read if something goes wrong.

This is an example of "tail nextcloud.log" output (warning: it's long)

Clicca per aprire/chiudere... mostra di più

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Call to Action: Save Free Software this September: #CopyrightActionWeek #copyrightdirective #Article13

@Gruppo Linux Como



Me: time for a nice movie!
Also me: *spends two hours watching "how it's made"*




#trenord sta tronando all'orario normale, dopo il ridotto estivo : 6 mimuti di ritardo.

Ok. I quit.
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"This is Windows 95, running in an Electron app. Yes, it's the full thing. I'm sorry."

"Does it run Doom (...)?" – "... yes."
Hmm... Ok. Maybe it's not that bad.

I. need. a. 3d. printer. with. dual. extruders.

Fabio created new project 'remindmebot'
A reminder XMPP bot
I would have added an article, either created A new project: 'remindmebot' or created THE new project 'remindmebot'

GIMP 2.10.6 Released with Vertical Text Support + More
#grafik #gimp #software #alternative