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Cuer: New UI WIP - experimental Flatpak

So I managed to build a Flatpak of the current #wip "new_ui" branch, where I'm trying, with not so much success, to implement the mockup I draw a month ago.

If someone want to try it out, get the flatpak from here and let me know.

Some screenshots:

Immagine/foto Immagine/foto
#wip cuer
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Installed and run, it works! :D

Debian Stable (and, also Olive seems to work. At least, it starts ;) )
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for the series "as a service": a new service from creators of media-praised award-winning Switch as a Service


The fediverse needs more #pizza


Isn't pizza more famous in the south? Shouldn't you post pasta pictures? :-)

Pizza is world wide.. the Word Wide Pizza. The WWP.
I should post Mailänder Schnitzel photos. :-P

@Fabio Ha ha, I don't know if it's because Italy is so far from the US or because we have oversized portions but it really looks tiny to me.

The second thing you said. :-P

@Fabio But Italy is demonstrably far from the US, so I guess we'll never know for sure.

Debian SnowCamp in Laveno 28 Feb / 3 Mar 2019
Just like last year, we are organizing a small DIY DebCamp in Laveno from Thursday 28 February to Sunday 3 March 2019.

A DIY DebCamp is chance to meet other debianites and work together, with no preset schedule other than what the participants themselves decide to have.

There is still room to register by adding yourself to the table on the debian wiki:

See you in Laveno!




ActivityPub Panel


The video for that talk is currently being transcoded for publication.

And it's probably the reason why tonight I dreamed about implementing an ApocalypsePub server (no, I have no idea why Apocalypse, it was really an ActivityPub one).

In airport waiting to leave for Bruxelles. 4.5 hours of delay so far...

Non piace a 3 persone.


Cuer mockup

A mockup for my qrcode scanner GNOME app "Cuer", ready for mobile

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This morning I moaned about how there should be a parameterized design for modular & stackable ESP/Arduino/RaspberryPi cases.

Only a couple hours later and an entire project has formed around the idea and several people started working on it. Check out our humble beginnings:

Thanks to @Chaos_99 @nin @ericbuijs for sharing all the enthusiasm and putting so much work into it! This is going to be great!