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YouTube: Elakelaiset "Smells Like Humppa" (DmitryScherbinin)

"The Boot Failure Troubleshooting Flowchart"

Printed in DIN A0... it's too big for the photo, sorry 😂


Computer virus


Une astuce (ou un rappel ?) pour moi, ça.
Mais comme j'aime bien les chats... je suis excusable.


not sure about the "New Top Menu"...

Updated to sfos3 from some days now, no problems so far.
The "top menu" is not bad as it looks like.

Hi this is going to be an official account for in the future #patience-please #Free #Libre #Open-source

Blender Folks started to upload videos on their PeerTube at , nicely organized in channels:


Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, often abbreviated ABS, is the plastic used in most modern LEGO elements. Its chemical formula is (C8H8)x·(C4H6)y·(C3H3N)z, and it has melting point at about 105 °C.

What do you want to do with OUR LEGO penguins?

New DoodleChaos Line Riders video: Beethoven's 5th
I've mentioned DoodleChaos before for his crazy Line Rider track synchronized with a piece of music. This time it's Beethoven's 5th Symphony with 3 riders and quite cleverly 5 moving objets.

YouTube: Line Riders - Beethoven's 5th (DoodleChaos)

#python #packaging #pipenv

The Call for Participation for the #Decentralized Internet & #Privacy devroom at #fosdem2019 was published 🎉 It would be great to receive proposals from a diversity of people.

Please boost widely !




there seem to be some concerns over Firefox spyware and advertising. I'm using Waterfox.

Incontri a Laveno
Finita la stagione turistica, ricominciano gli incontri all'ostello di Laveno, una volta al mese a partire da questa sera, martedì 16 ottobre.

Riprenderemo in mano il progetto di teatrino per burattini/marionette controllato tramite arduino, ricominciando da dove avevamo dovuto lasciare il progetto all'inizio dell'estate.

The landing page for Sail2Play app

(look ma! a Jolla1 in css! :-P )