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Agosto in Belgio

YouTube: Agosto in Belgio (fabrixxm)

Fabio 4 giorni fa
Fabio ha taggato stato di Fabio con #vamosalaplaya

Davide De Prisco 4 giorni fa
certo il tempo ideale per una bella zuppa!

Fabio 3 giorni fa
Zuppa con pane. Anche a portar via.

Comunque #mapsme come navigatore fa pena. 10^6 volte meglio #osmand ...


How People Used to Download Games From the Radio

Downloadable games are the format of the future, but they’re not a modern invention. Eager computer users were downloading wirelessly over 30 years ago.

I've missed my train stop. That's not a good week start...
Non piace a Rebeka Catalina.
Tobias 3 settimane fa
Discovering new corners of the country in the early morning is always fun ;-) That's how I discovered the most unused station around Potsdam (at least it was at that time).

Fabio 3 settimane fa
If I wasn't already late for work, maybe. :-)

Davide De Prisco 4 settimane fa
hai sbagliato a colorare! Ti sei dimenticato l'arcobaleno o le scie chimiche! Si vedono i segni a matita! Complimenti per il resto, sembra proprio una foto

Fabio 4 settimane fa

Davide De Prisco 4 settimane fa
Va bhè solo per questa volta...
Immagine/foto deadsuperhero on (Sean Tilley)

Fabio 1 mese fa
Now, anyone wants this as a plugin for Friendica?

Tobias 1 mese fa
For the new member info and important server information from the admin :-)

Michael Vogel 1 mese fa
Sounds like a funny idea! You are having the job!

Fabio 1 mese fa

I think some of the enterprise functionalities will work only with Frio theme..

There will be a service pack with multiple, user configurable, assistants. And more annoying functionalities

Il riposo dopo una dura giornata di surf...


Updated @Nextcloud to 12 using updater.phar from command line.
No problems so far 👍


Kornel / babel-preset-php

Babel preset for converting PHP to JavaScript. It can run PHP in the browser or in Node.js. This project is silly and exists only to expand Atwood's Law.


johngrib/vim-game-code-break: Block-breaking game in vim 8.0


I kind of wish I used #Vim when I see things like this :D


vim-game-code-break - Block-breaking game in vim 8.0

se ai nostri giorni si fosse veramente interessati alla bellezza interiore, non andrebbe di moda farsi i selfie, ma le colonscopie
Questa voce è stata modificata (1 mese fa)

uhm... but it isn't using backscatter of existing signals (that would have been quite an achievement), but it requires a new infrastructure of base stations with quite a short range.

color me unimpressed.


Fabio 2 mesi fa

Clicca per aprire/chiudere

Fabio 2 mesi fa
Here an online version