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YouTube: Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python (Next Day Video)

Raymond Hettinger Learn to take better advantage of Python's best features and improve existing code through a series of code transformations, "When you see ...
Sandro 13 ore fa
Abandoning PHP ? :)

Fabio 13 ore fa
Well, no. It's still easier to deploy on web servers.
but for quick scripts and not-so-quick in-house tools, python all the time!


Good to Great Python reads

Python programming, developer advocacy - cloud technology, the python
software foundation and more.
Tobias 1 giorno fa
this is a awfully long list for a must read.

Fabio 15 ore fa
Well, what you will read at the beach this year? :-)

Tobias 14 ore fa
some nice items from the StoryBundles ;-)


YouTube: Bratwurst made by a Service Robot at Stallwächter Party 2016 in Berlin (FZIchannel)

The BratWurst Bot is able to grill German Sausages without any human help. It can localize the bratwurst on the pickup tray and on the gas grill. The bratwur...


YouTube: Blender VFX Masking Tutorial: Sky Replacement. (Kenan Proffitt)

In this VFX tutorial, learn the basics of masking and compositing to replace the sky in your video, creating an entirely different scene. Image: http://www.c...
#blender #vfx #compositing

Perché il bus 50 passa alle 7.52 e il bus 52 alle 7.50?

It's really a long time I don't follow Film Riot anymore, but I should restart to...

Film Riot

Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the mind of Ryan Connolly. From how to make great effects to following Triune Films through production, Film Riot explores the art of filmmaking in a way you've never seen.

I need a comment, to test notification api. Thank you :-)

Rebeka Catalina 1 settimana fa
But what should the the comment contain ?

Fabio 1 settimana fa da Friendly
Still Friendly doesn't work as it should. Umpf. Thank you
Non piace a Rebeka Catalina.

Tobias 1 settimana fa da Friendly
;-/ it's a nice app and I'm confident you'll figure it out :)

Michael Vogel 1 settimana fa
Is it something with the API or with the application?

Fabio 1 settimana fa da Friendly
It was the application. I'd accidentally reverted some changes while merging changes...

Fabio 1 settimana fa da Friendly
Found the problem. My git-fu was weak this days...

Diego Roversi 1 settimana fa
Do you still need a comment? Here it is anyway ^^

Sandro 2 settimane fa
That article tells what F-Droid is but doesn't tell what "Vector Android" is :/

Fabio 2 settimane fa
a link to official vector site is missing in the article ...


GIMP - GIMP 2.9.4 Released

We have just released the second development version of GIMP in the 2.9.x series. GIMP 2.9.4 features revamped look and feel, major improvements in color management, as well as production-ready MyPaint Brush tool, symmetric painting, and split preview for GEGL-based filters.


Locomalito - new classic video games

I'm a free developer of classic video games. Those who care about pixel art, chip tunes and good challenges are welcome here!

This should be played at cinema during trailers...

Demo - Hidden Voice Commands

Hidden Voice Commands Project Webpage



wired-logic - Wired Logic - a pixel based logic simulator


Elena ``of Valhalla'' 4 settimane fa
@Fabio mi pare il minimo!

(abbé, visto sulla mappa dov'è il posto, capisco molte cose :D )

Davide De Prisco 3 settimane fa

Fabio 3 settimane fa da Friendly

Busy/idle status indicator

About one year ago, during my first Debconf, I've felt the need for some way to tell people whether I was busy on my l
... mostra di più