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GNOME Fractional (and multi-monitor) Scaling Hackfest, the report




Cuer - QRCode scanner for GNOME

Here it is: version 0.1.0


no, non funziona così.. continui ad avere le matite.. uf.. mi hai rotto il gioco..


UMARELL | The FabLab

Stay tuned! Next religious product will be : Umaronn....


We have evidence that gmail analyze incoming pdf attachments...
or they are quite incompetent and lose emails in the vacuum...


QRCode scanner application for Gnome

I'm trying to build a #QRCode scanner application for #Gnome, to use with the webcam. It should works just like QRCode scanners on phones: at launch the app will open the webcam and show the image to the user, when a qrcode is succesfully detected, the webcam is paused and some kind of message is show to the user. The user should be able to click to open a link or copy the text into the clipboard.
A list of recently scans results should be kept.

What I have by now:

  • A basic Vala project which shows the webcam in a window using #GStreamer
  • Skeleton of a GStreamer plugin in C to scan for qrcode in video stream using quirc which prints in console the text from qrcode when used in a pipeline with gst-launch

Code will follow :-)

The GStreamer plugin
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We are proud to present the next generation of #SailfishOS, the independent mobile operating system: #Sailfish3 is here!

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