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Here it is!

I know you all were waiting it!

xkcd: xkcd Phone 6

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 License. This means you're free to copy and share these comics (but not to sell them). More details....


Save code share!

The proposed Copyright Directive restricts the rights of developers and internet users, creating barriers for the development of source code. Read our white paper to get the full view of the matter at stake from a software developer point of view! Very soon, we'll be launching an open letter to the EU legislators. You can help us by: Copyright (c) ...


#clubmate thanks to @Elena ``of Valhalla'' and @Diego Roversi and people at #ESC :-)
That's a nice gift!

That's an heavy box :-)

That's a good sign, that the bottles have survived the transport \o/

"we're you're not 'til not happy"

No, no, you read it in the wrong order. The right one is "we're not happy 'til you're not"


YouTube: The Cyber Conductor - YouTube (Aleksey Igudesman)

The DVD is available only here online: Aleksey Igudesman & Sebastian Gürtler, together with the Upper Austrian...



clean-code-php - :bathtub: Clean Code concepts adapted for PHP


Python FAQ: Why should I use Python 3?

Part of my Python FAQ, which is doomed to never be finished. The short answer is: because it’s the actively-developed version of the language, and you should use it for the same reason you’d use 2.7 instead of 2.6. If you’re here, I’m guessing that’s not enough. You need something to sweeten the deal. Well, friend, I have got a whole mess of sugar cubes just for you. And once you’re convinced, you may enjoy the companion article, how to port to Python 3! It also has some more details on the diffences between Python 2 and 3, whereas this article doesn’t focus too much on the features removed in Python 3.


real men, of course, use a butterfly


Btw, wonder why I don't receive any posts from your friendica node on socialhome hmm... need to investigate logs.


Club Mate

So we just found
We were very happy because it has an online shop !
We were going to buy some boxes of Mate, but we had to give up.

1. shop site is only in http, no https
2. After registration, they send you a welcome mail. With your password!
3. We were unable to add a delivery address, because the form continues to return the error "Token invalid" .. which is very helpful for me ..

At this point we lose confidence in their site..

Still no Mate for us...
Non piace a 3 persone.
At there are some off-line shops listed, and I saw at least one in Italy ( maybe they can send you some? Alternatively you can come to Germany and get a limited stock ;-)

Isn't there any shipment from Germany?

Or we have to do the next hackathon at your home and we bring "some bottles" :-)

clubmate itself offers shipment to Italy from their online shop, for some 25€ packaging.

da quanto postato non si capiva, poi seguendo il link...
Questa voce è stata modificata (2 mesi fa)

E lo so, l'iframe taglia il post...

Aspettando gli Interpol sul palco


Breccole: Dimissioni - Breccole (italovignoli)


Agosto in Belgio

YouTube: Agosto in Belgio (fabrixxm)

certo il tempo ideale per una bella zuppa!

Zuppa con pane. Anche a portar via.

Comunque #mapsme come navigatore fa pena. 10^6 volte meglio #osmand ...


How People Used to Download Games From the Radio

Downloadable games are the format of the future, but they’re not a modern invention. Eager computer users were downloading wirelessly over 30 years ago.