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FinTechs increasingly cut the ground from under long-established banks’ feet. With a "Mobile First" strategy, many set their sights on br...

Fabio created new project 'rust-webfinger-cli'
Command line tool to query webfinger written in rust

Sandro 3 settimane fa
I appreciate you named the binary "wf" instead of "webfinger", but didn't save enough bytes :D

Sandro 3 settimane fa
I love the git interface, btw, are you still building it ?

Fabio 3 settimane fa da Friendly
Very slowly, unfortunately... Free time is a scarce resource...


albertuxone 3 settimane fa da Friendica for Android
Rm -rf svitzerland

albertuxone 3 settimane fa da Friendica for Android
Volutamente senza "w" cosi' non possono venirmi a dire che ho qualcosa contro gli svizzeri..tie'.



FOSDEM 2017 - Home

FOSDEM is a free event for software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate.

Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels.

No registration necessary.

Inizia: Venerdì 03 Febbraio 2017 @ 19:00

Finisce: Domenica 05 Febbraio 2017 @ 19:00


ULB Campus Solbosch, Bruxelles, Belgium

Tobias non partecipa.
Tobias 3 settimane fa
Have fun!


What Happens When You Mix Java with a 1960 IBM Mainframe - The New Stack

As an engineer for the U.S. Digital Service, Marianne Bellotti has encountered vintage mainframes that are still being used in production — sometimes even powering web apps. Last month she entertained a San Francisco audience with tales about some of them, in a talk called “7074 says Hello World,” at Joyent’s “Systems We Love” conference. Created under the …



YouTube: Popcorn song goes metal (Charlie Parra del Riego)

Become my patron!!! Handsigned CD's and Live blurays (worldwide shipping) at Charl...
Sandro kensan 1 mese fa
Molto carino il video e la canzone (che conosco bene), bella reinterpretazione. Io avrei alzato il volume della chitarra rispetto al background.


Monthly Berlin SailfishOS/Jolla meeting at c-base (every 1st Monday) -

Abstract The SailfishOS User Group (SUG) meeting take place every 1st Monday a month starting 19:00! at the c-base in B ...
@Tobias :-)
Tobias 1 mese fa
Yes, it's a schame but so far I've never made it to one of the meetings. I'm even following them on Twitter, so I get their invitations and most of the time then have something else on the list ;-)

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ConfNav is a conference schedule planner with support for Pentabarf XML. ConfNav uses appcache and localstorage to allow offline functionality.
(ok, isn't full-fetaured as giggity, but... )


CGA in 1024 Colors - a New Mode: the Illustrated Guide

By now you may have heard of the 8088 MPH demo , the winning entry in Revision 2015 's Oldskool Demo compo this month.  It's been my pleasur...

@Python Forum

The only problem with Python 3’s str is that you don’t grok it

I’ve found myself explaining Python 3’s str to people online more and more often lately. There’s this ridiculous claim about that Python 3’s string handling is broken or somehow worse than Python 2, and today I intend to put that myth to rest. Python 2 strings are broken, and Python 3 strings are sane. The only problem is that you don’t grok strings.

I've thought about starting a podcast for curating great talks for a while.

Today I re-listened to Aaron Swartz' great talk about how he was able to get the internet to join forces to fight and win an important battle against extreme odds. And I thought: This is the perfect start for my podcast, in these gloomy times.

I had to get it out today, the day after the four year mark since Aaron's tragic suicide. So everything isn't quite perfect yet. But if you'd still like to subscribe already the URL is

But whatever you do, please listen to this fantastic story. David vs Goliath got nothing on this!





uMap let you create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a minute and embed them in your site....