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This would solve the water problems on Ceres in "The Expanse" ...

Finding Ceres' global ocean

The inner solar system’s only dwarf planet likely once hosted an entire ocean, now locked away in its crust.
Then there would be something different to be addressed by OPA

@Fabio I have been eagerly awaiting the return of this show!!

Cosa spinge l'avanzamento tecnologico

Ho [...] scritto il client whois usato da tutte le versioni di Linux: sa trovare da solo il server giusto a cui inviare le richieste perché sono pigro e non avevo voglia di indicarlo io ogni volta.

-- Marco d'Itri su Reddit


Friendly dev news


New version of #Friendly, the ~friendica ~friendica client for #SailfishOS , is coming.

With improved layouts (no more long text out of page boundaries!) and support for private messages, and release on OpenRepos!

Code here

It's almost ready, needs some small fixes. It's a good time to submit translations :-D
#friendly #sailfishos blog friendica

Ok, I'll have a look later!

In Friendiqa I have name+ will (not) attend for singular and number+ persons will attend for plural. Thats also easy to translate...

Poi c'è chi si lamenta di make...

Webpack from Nothing - What Problem Are We Solving?

This site explains Webpack, but it also explains so much more. It's a journey from nothing to developing, testing, and deploying a basic website, all designed around minimal use of the tools in the challenging JavaScript ecosystem. I am not someone that accepts blobs of JSON as explanations for how things work. I need to really understand how the t...
What kind of test framework can't run tests?

In the JavaScript ecosystem: pretty much all of them.


When things Completely Fail to Work at Even a Basic Level™…I've made the wrong choice

yes. javascript.

What we need is a test runner that can both use Webpack to assemble our code, but also execute our tests using Jasmine.

That test runner that is Karma


First, we'll install it

> yarn add -D karma


Because Karma has no default test framework, we must install one for the framework we're using. In this case, that's Jasmine:

> yarn add -D karma-jasmine


Why not just instal karma-jasmine and have that pick up the dependency on karma? No idea. This is JavaScript, and we don't get nice things.

frack. I'm out.

The article tries to teach how to use webpack, and how to add tests to javascript programs. And while it tells you that "tons of blog posts around the web aren't enough to learn" and "They just let you copy-paste tons of json config files", it also imply that anyway you'll learn one of tons of different ways to do this thinks, and that nothing is inter-compatible.
So you'll end copy-pasting a tons of command and hope you'll get the same res... mostra di piรน

Memo No. 14



SSH Escape Sequences (aka Kill Dead SSH Sessions) - The Lone Sysadmin

Did you know that when you’re using OpenSSH from the command line you have a variety of escape sequences available to you? SSH somewhere, then type “~” and “?” (tilde, then question mark) to see all the options. You should get something like: Most commonly, I use tilde-period (~.) to close an unresponsive session, like when a firewall has...
#ssh #escape


Laravel Queue Systemd service

Here a .service file to keep laravel queue worker running with systemd


Description=Laravel Queue

ExecStart=/usr/bin/php /full/path/to/artisan queue:work -vv



Save it as /etc/systemd/system/laravel-queue.service
Put your actual full path to artisan command
then run

# systemctl daemon-reload
# systemctl enable laravel-queue
# systemctl start laravel-queue
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@Friendica Developers

I leave this here because I don't have time to check if exists in issue tracker.

Mail and RSS import should ignore message with "message date" < ( today - "item expiration days").

Some not-so-updated rss feeds keeps showing up again after they have been deleted from db by the expiration tool, and I get the "show by commented order" network view flooded by old messages...
Strangely enough we already do have this check.

Possibly it could work now.


The impossible dream of USB-C –

I’m Marco Arment: a programmer, writer, podcaster, geek, and coffee enthusiast. October 14, 2017∞ I love the idea of USB-C: one port and one cable that can replace all other ports and cables. It sounds so simple, straightforward, and unified. USB-C normally transfers data by the USB protocol...


Elena ma ti piace o no?

Mi piace il commento, non mi piace l'immagine mentale, ovviamente

Battery was down to 8% anyway, so it's perfect timing :-)
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