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A Quokka at Rottnest Island #Perth


Fabio 1 mese fa
well, we are halfway back home, where the only thing that usually try to kill you are neighbors...

don't forget about the boss, and possibly co-workers.

Certe occasioni vanno prese al balzo, come diceva il castratore di canguri. Io me ne son guardato bene, a dire il vero.... (spiace per la foto girata ma il client qui non legge ancora i tag exif)

Diego Roversi 1 mese fa
In australia il canguro e' come il maiale... non si butta via niente?

Relaxing at Fannie Bay, Darwin, NT



Git Undo

The blog of Enrico Campidoglio

Got the Humble Bundle 'the joy of coding'. now I need an ebook reader... :-)

Exterminate them all!

Diego Roversi 1 mese fa
But it's not annoying, it is rather funny. How disappointing! Oh wait...

It's quite a nice view in sunset. But closer is very amazing...
(and that moon!)


Alberto 1 mese fa da Friendica for Android
Jolla rulez... :)

Mike Macgirvin 1 mese fa
It's a lovely rock.

I hope you remembered to keep your beer away from the kangaroos. This is VERY important. You also should not let them inside to use the toilet as they love to play with the toilet paper roll. Especially when they are drunk.

Alberto 2 mesi fa da Friendica for Android
Foche si ma pinguini no??

Fabio 2 mesi fa da Friendly
I pinguini li abbiamo visti e sentiti un paio di giorni fa a Phillips Island, che rientravano la sera dall'oceano. Però dopo il tramonto non ti fanno fare foto per non disturbarli, e comunque col cellulare non si sarebbe visto nulla...

Bagagli recuperati. 10 min prima di partire per prendere l'aereo per Sydney. A quanto pare mentre noi venivamo mandati da Dubai a Melbourne, per ripartire dopo qualche ora per Adelaide e tornare a Melbourne due giorni dopo, i nostri bagagli venivano spediti ad Adelaide, ma senza tracking, così mi immagino un poveretto che s'è dovuto leggere tutte le targhette per scoprire di chi erano le varie valigie.
Stamattina ore 9.30 abbiamo avuto la notizia che avevano trovato le nostre! Ce le hanno mandate in albergo. Da Adelaide. A Melbourne. Via Sydney. Sono arrivate alle 23.30. Alle 5.30 ci siamo svegliati per andare in aeroporto per Sydney.
Suona folle, eh?
A questo punto temo che le cartoline che abbiamo spedito non arriveranno mai. O tra un paio di anni. Mah.

Mike Macgirvin 2 mesi fa
A couple of years ago my daughter went to Finland (-20C) from Sydney (+50C) and they lost her luggage in Dubai. She had to borrow some warm clothes just to get out of the Helsinki airport alive.

Fabio 2 mesi fa
this worries me a little as we pass by Dubai again to get back home... :)

@Fabio you can try to send your baggages back as a package, so that they won't get lost in Dubai but in the italian post offices... no wait...
Non piace a Fabio.

This Tiny Computer has no Battery, Powered Wirelessly from Radio Waves
This Tiny Computer doesn’t need a battery or any external power source to keep it powered; rather it works on radio waves.
Diego Roversi 2 mesi fa
Insomma, hanno reinventato gli rfid... :)

That's quite an antenna, however, as compared to the rfids.

Sandro kensan 2 mesi fa
Ma è vero o è un fotomontaggio e poi che animale è?

Fabio 2 mesi fa da Friendly
Eheh è vero, è un giovane leone marino

Sandro kensan 2 mesi fa
Allora quella che si vede non è la coda ma l'ombra! LOL :))

Whiteing and chips in Kingscote, Kangaroo Island :-)

Tim Schlotfeldt 2 mesi fa
Enjoy your time!

Sandro kensan 2 mesi fa
Adesso collego, la foto dell'animaletto qui sopra viene dalle isole Kangaroo (che non so dove sono :)

Ready to leave to Australia! Will see you in a month! :like

Mike Macgirvin 2 mesi fa
I sure hope you're going to Queensland or to the outback. The rest of the country is rainy, cold, windy, and muddy at the moment and has been for a few weeks now.

Fabio 2 mesi fa da Friendly
We are going to south and north. Wind and rain? No problem. Main problems now are getting there and hopefully find our luggages. We are waiting at Dubai airport fir a fly wich is already 2 hours 30 late, after missing the connection this morning and something like 8 hours in line at the desk... We slept a grand total of 5 hours in the last 30..



YouTube: Transforming Code into Beautiful, Idiomatic Python (Next Day Video)

Raymond Hettinger Learn to take better advantage of Python's best features and improve existing code through a series of code transformations, "When you see ...
Sandro 2 mesi fa
Abandoning PHP ? :)

Fabio 2 mesi fa
Well, no. It's still easier to deploy on web servers.
but for quick scripts and not-so-quick in-house tools, python all the time!


Good to Great Python reads

Python programming, developer advocacy - cloud technology, the python
software foundation and more.
Tobias 2 mesi fa
this is a awfully long list for a must read.

Fabio 2 mesi fa
Well, what you will read at the beach this year? :-)

Tobias 2 mesi fa
some nice items from the StoryBundles ;-)