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Friendica 3.4.3 released

Friendica 3.4.3 released
Dear Federation,

we are happy to announce the release of Friendica 3.4.3, the last planed minor release of the <span>Lily of the valley</span> family before the release of Friendica 3.5 in spring 2016. As such version 3.4.3 bundles a couple bug fixes with a number of new features. For the full list, please read the
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Fabio 8 mesi fa
social è già aggiornato, sul branch "develop"

Davide De Prisco 8 mesi fa
mi sentivo un poco developers developers developers developers developers


Friendica 3.4.3-rc

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are now in feature-freeze pre-release bug-squashing state, on the road to release Friendica 3.4.3
A branch for the Release Candidate has been opened:

Developers, please open your bug-related pull requests against that branch.

Users, please switch to that branch and test!

Translators, please... translate :-)

Go on!

Michael Vogel 9 mesi fa
I did it with git fetch upstream followed by git checkout release-3.4.3-rc

Tobias 9 mesi fa da open socialverse
You are on 3.4.3-rc but don't know where to look for the changes? This git command could give you a hint...
git shortlog -m --no-merges 4b6afbf6814acde5151edc74f0b6cf1fd7685432..HEAD
... if the commit messages are all properly done that is ;-)

Tobias 9 mesi fa da open socialverse
This might help as well



Friendica 3.4.2

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support @Friendica Italia

Release Friendica 3.4.2

Bugfixing release. Many improvements in communication with foreign protocols, updated docs and more!

I would like to thanks everyone who contributed to make this new release of ~friendica ~friendica!

Go and update your node to the branch 'master' (or if you feel brave, to 'develop')!

Moritz Strohm 11 mesi fa
Da müsste das Template wall_thread.tpl des "vier"-Themes angepasst werden. Neben "Ich mag das (toggle)" steht nämlich noch der Text "mag ich" bereit. Dieser ist im Template über die Variable $ abrufbar. Hoffentlich liest der Entwickler des "vier"-Themes mit ;)

Michael Vogel 11 mesi fa
Das ist alles nach einem "force-reload" (d.h. Reload mit gedrückter Shift-Taste) verschwunden.

Michael Meer 11 mesi fa
ping @Michael Vogel : Dein Werk?

#friendica-projects friendica

Tobias 1 anno fa da open socialverse
\o/ but sadly it is not 3 but 1. MariaDB [friendica]> select status from projects_pr;
| status |
| 1 |
I'll set it and update to current master :-)

Fabio 1 anno fa
no no, looks ok. I've debugged with the wrong item (was one of the old pr posts that was deleted. that's why it was deleted in my db :-P)
I have now called the hook with the correct item, and it has been correctly converted to a pull request (see here)
And I see on your wall that you received the "Pull request merged" comment.

By now I'm happy with this.

There are some details to iron out, but it mostly works

Tobias 1 anno fa da open socialverse
jay :-)

next update to the translations will be there in a minute or so ;-)

Tobias 1 anno fa da open socialverse
And yes, I got that message about the merged PR


Friendica 3.4 'Lily of the valley'

Dennis 1 anno fa
I had same error message but in english
Questa voce è stata modificata (1 anno fa)


To 3.4! (part deux)

@Friendica Developers

Ok ok: the release date of April 1st was a joke :-)

There are 2½ issues still open in milestone 3.4

The new release codename is "Lily of the valley"

The updated CHANGELOG (so far) is waiting to be merged


Friendica 3.3.2

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Italia @Friendica Support @Friendica Theme Developers @Hackathon Berlin 2014

Friendica 3.3.2 has been released.
Get it via git or download the latest code

Happy holidays!

Carsten Pfeiffer 2 anni fa
Maybe @Andreas should finally upload his improved version of Mustard somewhere (Android StatusNet client) which works pretty well with Friendica.

David Benfell 2 anni fa
There actually has been progress. But it's been slow.

I guess I'm remembering a feeling that gnupg-2.1 was dead, or nearly dead. It's out now, but it took what I think most folks would probably agree a much longer time than expected.

I can't rule out that something similar is happening with the friendica app. But also, this project doesn't have near the importance of gnupg.


Friendica 3.3 code name 'Ginger'

@Friendica Developers @Hackathon Berlin 2014

Friendica stable 3.3 is tagged in repo.

An official announcement will be on in short time ( :-) ) with a full changelog and download links.

The 3.4 release is planned for 1st April 2015. Belive me.

A new branch "develop" has been created.
All new work will be done in this branch, while "master" will keep only stable and hot-fixs.

Read more about git flow.

Contributors should read the Code improvement recommendation
(this document will be added to main repo and/or wiki)
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Fabio 2 anni fa
I've updated the post to reflect decision about git-flow and branch naming :-)

Tobias 2 anni fa da open socialverse
As half of Wikipedia uses a fancy editor that does not work for me, somebody else needs to update the wikipedia entries I have not updated with the nre version and release date (6th Oct). If you want to give a reference there is either the blog entry on or the github commit.


Friendica 3.3 Release Candidate

After two days of hard work, 3.3-RC is tagged!

You can pull it or download it from releases page

Please, test it and report bugs!

@Friendica Developers
@Hackathon Berlin 2014
Andreas 2 anni fa
Seems to be much faster on the Raspberry Pi, database optimizations?