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Friendly dev news


New version of #Friendly, the ~friendica ~friendica client for #SailfishOS , is coming.

With improved layouts (no more long text out of page boundaries!) and support for private messages, and release on OpenRepos!

Code here

It's almost ready, needs some small fixes. It's a good time to submit translations :-D
#friendly #sailfishos blog friendica

As I currently have a problem with the SDK, could you make a screenshot of the PostDetailsPage in action so I can get the context of the Labels?

I really don't like the universal usage of "likes" :-)

Do you know if plural forms for Qt translations exist?

I'm not sure. We can change the label. Any suggestions? "liked by" ?

I was more thinking of the other strings of the form "% likes" which could use some singular/plural distinction.

For the labels I just kept the original for this page.

As per docs here it's possible to use "%n label(s)" . I'll see if this works also in QML...

I did not see anything in this direction in the Linguist, hence I was wondering.

After a quick test, I can do in qml qsTr("%n like(s)", "",, and the ts file will handle plurals.
Question is: what about "attend", "not attend" and "maybe attend"?
What's the best way to handle them in English? (dealing with the fact that "1 person not attends" is too long)

would be "1 not attends", "2 not attend" correct? making the base string "%n not attend(s)" ?

The same I think. 1 attendee, 2 attendees in Germany 1 Teilnehmender, 2 Teilnehmende.

Due my problems with the SDK I could not check if my translations are too long. But I'll check after the release and send you an updated resource file ;-)

But what about "not attend" and "maybe attend"? "1 not attend", "2 not attend" ... "1 not attendee", "2 not attendees" .. sounds wrong...
Or let's scrap the strings and use icons! :-D

It's not that important, for now I think. In German I would count the "Absagen" (Rejections ?) for not attending. Maybe attending is more complicated.

I've updated the strings to "%n like(s)", "%n dislike(s)", etc.. Qt Linguist should give you the possibility to enter singular and plural forms.

Ok, I'll have a look later!

In Friendiqa I have name+ will (not) attend for singular and number+ persons will attend for plural. Thats also easy to translate...


Friendica 3.4.3 released

Friendica 3.4.3 released
Dear Federation,

we are happy to announce the release of Friendica 3.4.3, the last planed minor release of the <span>Lily of the valley</span> family before the release of Friendica 3.5 in spring 2016. As such version 3.4.3 bundles a couple bug fixes with a number of new features. For the full list, please read the
... mostra di più

social è già aggiornato, sul branch "develop"

mi sentivo un poco developers developers developers developers developers


Friendica 3.4.3-rc

@Friendica Support @Friendica Developers

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are now in feature-freeze pre-release bug-squashing state, on the road to release Friendica 3.4.3
A branch for the Release Candidate has been opened:

Developers, please open your bug-related pull requests against that branch.

Users, please switch to that branch and test!

Translators, please... translate :-)

Go on!

I did it with git fetch upstream followed by git checkout release-3.4.3-rc

You are on 3.4.3-rc but don't know where to look for the changes? This git command could give you a hint...
git shortlog -m --no-merges 4b6afbf6814acde5151edc74f0b6cf1fd7685432..HEAD
... if the commit messages are all properly done that is ;-)


Friendica 3.4.2

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support @Friendica Italia I would like to thanks everyone who contributed to make this new release of ~friendica ~friendica!

Go and update your node to the branch 'master' (or if you feel brave, to 'develop')!
Benutzt jemand das "vier"-Theme und hat auch das Problem, dass neben den Icons zusätzlich der Text (z.B. "Ich mag das (toggle)") angezeigt wird? Ich glaub, das soll nicht so ...

japp, ist bei mir genauso. scheint eine Änderung zur Kompatibilität von screen readern zu sein (commit). Bin gerade dabei nachzufragen, ob es nicht andere Möglichkeiten gibt so etwas umzusetzen.

Leere einmal Deinen Browser-Cache. Danach sieht alles aus wie bisher.

Danke! Hatte grad schon gesehen, dass auch andere das Problem hatten :-)

Das ist alles nach einem "force-reload" (d.h. Reload mit gedrückter Shift-Taste) verschwunden.

#friendica-projects friendica

I could also generate a new PR for debugging...

no no, looks ok. I've debugged with the wrong item (was one of the old pr posts that was deleted. that's why it was deleted in my db :-P)
I have now called the hook with the correct item, and it has been correctly converted to a pull request (see here)
And I see on your wall that you received the "Pull request merged" comment.

By now I'm happy with this.

There are some details to iron out, but it mostly works

jay :-)

next update to the translations will be there in a minute or so ;-)

And yes, I got that message about the merged PR


Friendica 3.4 'Lily of the valley'

Please try the steps that @Dennis did. He wrote:

when the "rich-text editor" was enabled (Settings → Additional Features → Post Composition Features → Richtext Editor) after the upgrade, then i couldn't post/reply anything, because i was getting a pop-up "system error...", then i disabled it and it worked again. i now enabled the richtext editor again and it works now again too...

Please try this and tell if it is working now.


To 3.4! (part deux)

@Friendica Developers

Ok ok: the release date of April 1st was a joke :-)

There are 2½ issues still open in milestone 3.4

The new release codename is "Lily of the valley"

The updated CHANGELOG (so far) is waiting to be merged


Friendica 3.3.2

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Italia @Friendica Support @Friendica Theme Developers @Hackathon Berlin 2014

Friendica 3.3.2 has been released.
Get it via git or download the latest code

Happy holidays!

Oh frak! I forgot also to bump version in boot.php...
I'm sorry
I have to write a script to do a release :-)

I'll fix that tomorrow.. 3.3.2b on the way :-P

I've update boot.php and moved the tag. Github is fine, as release is still 3.3.2 and still at the same URL.
You can update via git as usual.
If you have already updated to friendica 3.3.2 via git, you have the old tag.
You can check with
$ git rev-parse 3.3.2
## ^ that's the old commit

You can update the tag with
$ git tag -d 3.3.2 #delete the local 3.3.2 tag
$ git fetch origin tag 3.3.2 #fetch tag 3.3.2 from remote 'origin'
$ git rev-parse 3.3.2
## ^ that's the correct commit

Sorry for the mess.. I promise to triple check next relase :-)

(btw, I've also merged back master in develop)
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Friendica 3.3 code name 'Ginger'

@Friendica Developers @Hackathon Berlin 2014

Friendica stable 3.3 is tagged in repo.

An official announcement will be on in short time ( :-) ) with a full changelog and download links.

The 3.4 release is planned for 1st April 2015. Belive me.

A new branch "develop" has been created.
All new work will be done in this branch, while "master" will keep only stable and hot-fixs.

Read more about git flow.

Contributors should read the Code improvement recommendation
(this document will be added to main repo and/or wiki)
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I've updated the post to reflect decision about git-flow and branch naming :-)


Friendica 3.3 Release Candidate

After two days of hard work, 3.3-RC is tagged!

You can pull it or download it from releases page

Please, test it and report bugs!

@Friendica Developers
@Hackathon Berlin 2014