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Switch as a Service

New version of the "Switch as a service" API



New app :D
#jolla #sailfishos


you created? looks good 😍

Yup. It's the one described in that screenshot, which is from the store. It's for SailfishOS. (and it's quite useless outside Lombardy region in Italy :-) Talking about a market niche... )

like this design, simple and clear

wrote a app is just for fun, no matter how many user use it, isn't it ? DiCa user not over 100, but I still enjoy on develop, haha, BTW, you live in Lombardy? I been there (como) few years ago, nice city 😍

I'm happy you liked my city! :-D

Some screenshots from the actual app:




(edit: reuploaded images to remove unwanted posts ..)
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keep your good job, BTW when my train will arrive? haha


it's look like widget, seems flexible on UI

!The Lazy Admin Club

A shell script to display the status of all your fail2ban jails at once (works fine for me on Ubuntu): #fail2ban #serveradmin #linux #bash

As of 2018, the ULB campus Solbosch is within the Brussels Low Emissions Zone (LEZ). Drivers of cars registered abroad are required to register before entering the LEZ, or risk being fined. Registering is free of charge. More information can be found here

mmmmh.. @Nextcloud 📱☁️💻 updated to 15.0.2 . Looks like everything works.



[WiP] PhPhotoBlog


No multi user, no federation, no big features. Just a simple single user photo blog in PHP, using the Slim Framework

#wip #photo #blog

The Embroidered Computer



hai preso due pacchetti con un'oliva

I've made a small test with Olive, a stupid mash of three videos I have around on disk, and I must say it worked really good. The controls are precise, the program is remarkably stable for an alpha, no problem working with three different format and sizes.
There are some issues: compositing modes are .. strange, audio sometimes stop working. But I'm really impressed!

After moving photos to Filesystem storage, db dump dropped by ~700MB 👍

#pizzoccheri in preparazione...


... formaggi in attesa....


... niente foto del piatto pronto, mi spiace. Ti distrai un'attimo e finiscono!

Ah...guerra mangereccia? .....e guerra sia!

@albertuxone sì, però fate le cose serie, con una giuria di esperti che assaggi tutti, sennò non conta.

Ovviamente mi sto offrendo volontaria per tale ruolo…


Fetta di pandoro con un assaggio di crema di mascarpone :-)

(o viceversa...)

alla faccia dell'assaggio.....

Il minimo sindacale, proprio.

Parlando d'altro: stranamente non entro più nei jeans...

son stati lavati a temperature elevate? magari si sono ristretti, succede col cotone...

no, son stati mangiati a velocità elevate. Succede, col pizzocchero...