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note to me: don't merge PRs before pills for headaches, but after
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Tobias 4 mesi fa da open socialverse
it's like with the morning cup of :coffee ;-)

Fabio 4 mesi fa
before the morning cup it's way worse...
I need to remember to do nothing than manage to get the cup...

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Vimeo: 87 BOUNCES (collectif HOTU)


Microcontainers – Tiny, Portable Docker Containers |

Containers are awesome. Microcontainers are awesomer. Docker enables you to package up your application along with all of the application’s dependencies into a nice self-contained image. You can then use use that image to run your application in containers. The problem is you usually package up a lot more than what you need so you end up w...
Davide De Prisco 4 mesi fa
solo per il disegnino... senza saperne un cazz*

Fabio 4 mesi fa da Friendly
So friendica on PHP 7 should run twice as fast and with less memory footprint... Anyone can confirm this ?

Rabuzarus 4 mesi fa
It runs definitely faster but I couldn't get the colorbox acl popup to open

Tobias 4 mesi fa da open socialverse
I can tell you that generating new string.php files from messages.po files with PHP7 is not notably faster then with PHP5.6. It might in fact be faster (I have not made any measurements with neither version) but the task is done so fast, that it does not matter anyway ;-)

I've not installed PHP7 on my node though.

Async PHP and profiling PHP code this morning. Cool.
Desktop talks about 'convergence' quite too ubuntu-oriented. Waiting for talk about Telepathy... Meanwile, I've got a Club Mate :-)


My joke-level dns service disappeared. isn't reachable atm...
Evidentely the person that was answering DNS queries by hand was ill with the flu.

Fabio 4 mesi fa da Friendly
That would explain many things...

Systemd talk #fosdem

Davide De Prisco 4 mesi fa
i primi 2 secondi.... poi "dns sicuri"

Fabio 4 mesi fa
si, più o meno..

In Bruxelles for #fosdem! At Delirium cafe this evening, if we manage to get in...

✪ StefOfficiel ✪ 4 mesi fa da Diaspora
Oh okay, nice !

RequeteChe 4 mesi fa da from within the #federatedweb
ave fun @Fabio !
check out if you can spend/invest bitcoins! Maybe some printing, or some provisions!

Karim Khelouiati wrote the following post:




Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 site templates designed by @n33co and released under the Creative Commons license.

Mike Macgirvin wrote the following post:
The next time you find yourself using Microsoft or Facebook or Apple (...) products, ask yourself if there isn't an open source alternative - and if there is, go check it out. Most commercial software has readily available alternatives that were developed in the open source community.

If you talk to somebody about using open source products, they'll usually start talking about the different meanings of the word 'free'; e.g. free as in beer, free as in freedom, etc. At the same time, many will try to push products on you with licenses written by lawyers which dictate exactly what you can and cannot do with your 'fre
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Tobias wrote the following post:
Friendica 3.4.3-2 has been released
There were recently changes in the Diaspora* protocol which disturbed the federated communication between the projects. To compensate the changes Friendica 3.4.3-2 has been released

How to Update?

If you have an installation using the git repository directly, all you have to do is a git pull in the friendica directory. That will fetch the new version from the master branch and you are ready to go. The development branch of Friendica 3.5 Asparagus, has been updated as well.

Alternatively you can find a zip file of the released version of friendica at for download. Just unzip it on your local machine and replace the files on your server with the new files.

@Friendica Italia
@Friendica Developers
@Friendica Support

Kris B 4 mesi fa
My new friendica does not work at all.

RequeteChe 4 mesi fa da from within the #federatedweb

Sandro 4 mesi fa
this computer.. never wants to wake up!

"I'm sorry, this device can't be used in your current year. Please go back in time or buy a new one."

This device is Maya-calendar ready!
Steffen Voß 4 mesi fa da Diaspora

Diego Roversi 4 mesi fa
Aah.... There is also an emulator... no, really!