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Disrupted Systems: A Research laboratory on disruptive communication

Just like Twitter, Rumble allows you to share message, however Rumble does not rely on any infrastructure network to work, not even the Internet. It is entirely off-the-grid and pretty unique too! Whenever Rumble is running, it tries to connect to other rumble devices around using Bluetooth or Wifi...

"60's Surf Music & Instrumentals" playlist to start the day... :like


YouTube: Los Straitjackets - Black is Black (Nadya Holly)

And gray is gray since she went away


RETRO.MOE: Retro Challenge: announcing Commodore Home (ricardoquesada)

Home automation for the masses, not the classes We need to build computers for the masses, not the classes – Jack Tramiel, Commodore founder A: Commodore 64 computer running the “Commod…
#c64 #homeautomation @Davide De Prisco
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The Elements of Computing Systems / Nisan & Schocken

And of the book The Elements of Computing Systems, MIT Press, By Noam Nisan and Shimon Schocken The site contains all the software tools and project materials necessary to build a general-purpose computer system from the ground up. We also provide a set of lectures designed to support a typical course on the subject. The materials are aimed at stud...



OffRoad download. OffRoad 2016-10-03 17:50:01.479000 free download. OffRoad Offline vector map display ported from OsmAnd
via @GDR!

Treno soppresso. Quello dopo gia' porta ritardo.
E' da riconsiderare l'uso dell'auto...

#trenord #treno #no
Non piace a Elena ``of Valhalla''.
ma i tag sono sbagliati! dovrebbero essere trenord, treno, tre!

Sandro 3 mesi fa
La soluzione a pagina 46: "trerd"

The most important issue fixed at @Friendica Hackathon Berlin 2016

door is closed at e-lok · Issue #2948 · friendica/friendica

I'm at e-lok but I don't come in because the door is locked.
The weekend was a great, intense fun :-)

now, stop everything you're doing and dance

YouTube: Incredible Bongo Band – Apache (Mr Bongo)

The Incredible Bongo Band version of the classic "Apache" from The Shadows

Tobias 3 mesi fa
you got a new pet?

Fabio 3 mesi fa
I don't have enough Australia in my apartment for it :-)


Pronto? Schiaparelli? - Il Post

Pigro e diversamente tricotico disegnatore, a vent'anni ha cominciato a lavorare per l'editoria come illustratore. Disegna strip per Singloids e le storie di "Caro diario" per il suo blog...


YouTube: Apple Engineer Talks About New 2016 Macbook Pro (Jason Skidmore)

Зарежда се... Зарежда се... Заре
... mostra di più

After some day of missed calls and messages notifications on my #Jolla, I realized that the #speaker had gone.
The "gently press the speaker area" trick didn't worked this time, so I got my smallest screwdriver and opened up the phone and cleaned the contacts. Everything works again. :like


Brad Koehn 4 mesi fa
@Hypolite: Are you kidding me? The Christmas decorations went up in stores in early October.

Ha, not in New York they aren't. Maybe I'm just sheltered from the madness.

"cioè, io gli stavo ridendo 'in face'"


Sandro 4 mesi fa
Mia figlia mi conferma che "in face" e' corretto adolescentese moderno.
Per approfondire:

Fabio 4 mesi fa
oh signùr!

@Friendica Developers
I'm thinking about adding ActivityPub / ActivityStream support to ~friendica ~friendica

Fabio 4 mesi fa
The tags will always link back to the instance of the tagging user.
Rationale is that the tagging user should have a collection of related posts already tagged.
Let's say I write a post about bikes. @Michael Vogel would like to add a "bike" tag to relate my post to his enormous collection of posts about biking.

That said, (i didn't check but looks like) code collect tags in post and keep only the first. Which is logic. if I have a post like
"Here is my #bike, my great #bike ! my #bike is better than your #bike !"
you only want one tag "bike" on post footer..

Sandro 4 mesi fa
I only want one "bike" tag pointing at your collection of bikes, but if @Michael Vogel has another collection, it's not fair that we can't check out his collection, even if he adds his tag! (Ok, I do see the tagger tag link shown in the "xxx tagged post with yyyy", but associated with the post there's a single tag listed)

Fabio 4 mesi fa
It's a valid point.. tag could be grouped by url instead of text.. or by author: "proposal (Roland)" "proposal (Sandro)" ...