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YouTube: Burger King | Whopper Neutrality (BURGER KING)

Hahahaha! This is good. I have explained this issue to others over the last several weeks, but this analogy is pretty good!! Especially for the layman.

ActivityPub is now a W3C Recommendation
Non piace a Marco R..

The Bitcoin Design Pattern


Titolo de La Provincia questa mattina: "Gli svizzeri non pagano le multe".

Domani speciale "Il lago è bagnato".

#laprovincia #scoop #pulitzer

This is something I'm thinking for a while: local blockchain with PGP WoT for trust and consensus.. not that I'm able to create it..

Pure nemmeno lo spam itagliana giusto. Che tempi.

Abbiamo provveduto a fare le conveniente cambiamenti alla dichiarazione N. 691 del 07/01/18.
Pure le cifre sono giuste.
Il materiale lo po scaricare al seguente link: documento

Vi preghiamo di verificare prima possibile.


#spam #itagliacano #pure

♻ @ruphy: Decorating our new offices @ITdigitalteam (Italian Government), to show everyone how much we love and support #FreeSoftware (thanks @fsfe!) To fork our code: #fsfe #FreeSoftware

@Gruppo Linux Como

HSISDOWN - Display down alerts from Hacker News

A simple experiment with Hacker News Search API and VUE.js


Fabio created new project 'cippotto'
CHIP-8 toys



Every web site provides APIs.

I'm thinking about to use Perkeep to keep my photos on the rpi (eventually with a sync somewhere..)

I would like also to build a full-featured DAM on it.

The absence of a garbage collector for deleted blobs is holding me off..



This year as well I'll be at #FOSDEM in Bruxelles

Anyone wants to join in for a Mate (or a beer)? :-)

@Friendica Developers
Sadly I don't think that I will make it :-/
Non piace a 3 persone.


Portals of London

Towards a catalogue of London’s inter-dimensional gateways