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Qualcuno che ci piace l'ammerigani sta bevendo un pessimo caffè da asporto dul treno stamattina. E lo dico solo dall'odore....


How to use the Unix command-line mail tool

How do I use mail? How do I save a message as a file? How do I forward a message? How the heck do I go back up a line when I've made a mistake, without having to start over from scratch?? There are two command sets in mail: one is used at the mail prompt, and one is used while composing messages. They ...
For when I will need it again...

#linux #mail #console #howto
Diego Roversi 3 mesi fa
Perche' non mutt? Se poi devi mandare una mail, e' facile facile:

cat testo_mail.txt | mutt -s "mail di esempio" -a allegato.png

Fabio 3 mesi fa
perché no. :-p


Top 10 Python libraries of 2016 - Tryolabs Blog

Last year, we did a recap with what we thought were the best Python libraries of 2015, which was widely shared within the Python community (see post in r/Python). A year has gone by, and again it is time to give due credit for the awesome work that has been done by the open source community this year.
Again, we try to avoid most established choices such as Django, Flask, etc.

Furiosa's Cat Feeder - Blondihacks
“This will be great,” I thought to myself. “I’ll get one of those high-tech automated cat feeders!” Wait, I should back up a bit. You see, the four-legged tenant of Dunki Freehold, who goes by Sprocket H.G. Shopcat, eats twice a day. She gets delicious healthy wet food in the morning, and less-good-for-her but nice-for-lazy-human dry food...


Credo sia tempo di cambiare banca.

Carige On Line

Accesso al servizio

Per accedere al servizio è necessario digitare il Codice cliente e la Password.
La password deve essere composta da un minimo di 5 caratteri ad un massimo di 8.

E non era così, prima. E' stato modificato nelle ultime settimane.

Chi è che gli gestisce quel coso? Topo Gigio?

Per l'anno prossimo mi aspetto: "la password deve essere composta di sole lettere minuscole, in ordine alfabetico, minimo 5 massimo 5 caratteri, deve cominciare per "a" e finire per "e" ".
Non piace a Elena ``of Valhalla''.

Fabio 3 mesi fa
@Sandro kensan non riesco a controllare ora, ma mi pare che il codice cliente è associato al numero del mio conto...

Sandro kensan 3 mesi fa
Io ho un numero del tutto inventato come codice cliente e non è neppure corto.


How Skype fixes security vulnerabilities

In a nutshell — they don't. This post describes my fruitless effort to convince Microsoft employees that their service is vulnerable, and the humiliation one has to go through should one's account be blocked by a hacker. This is a story of ignorance, pain, and despair.
It is essential to understand that it is not ONLY Skype problem. These issues could be applied to ANY messenger with centralized control, where all security is based upon trust and authority of administration.
If you think that your lovely me
... mostra di più


10 Easy Steps to a Complete Understanding of SQL - DZone Database

Too many programmers think SQL is a bit of a beast. It is one of the few declarative languages out there, and as such, behaves in an entirely different way from imperative, object-oriented, or even functional languages (although, some say that SQL is also somewhat functional).

Now it's Christmas!


Sandro kensan 3 mesi fa
It is the freedom of the open source and free software: everybody can think different and coders offer the options.

Fabio 3 mesi fa
But! But! It's a cone with an hat!! :-P


Add Bootstrap css classes to form fields in django templates

I'm doing a #django project with bootstrap css templates.

I'm using generic edit class based views, like django.views.generic.edit.CreateView.

Now I want to add form-control class to all the fields in template.
I did't found an 'official' way to do it, so I've done the quickest hackish way I found, with a little tweak: a template filter to add css classes to fields.

The original tip I found on The Internet® was

def addcss(field, css):
return field.as_widget(attrs={''class':css})

Which works, but hei, I cant chain other field-related filters to it.. so:

def addcss(field, css):
css_class_list = field.field.widget.attrs.get("class", "")
css_class_list = css_class_list + " " + css
field.field.widget.attrs["class"] = css_class_list
return field

The template:

{% for field in form %}
<div class="form-group">
<label for="{{ field.auto_id}}">{{ field.label }}</label>
{{ field|addcss:"form-control" }}
{% endfor %}


Worlds first 32 bit Homebrew CPU

There is a major CPU that is missing from the world. A 32 bit homebrew CPU that implements a full and modern instruction set. The solution is to use 74' series logic chips and the RISC-V open source instruction set architecture. With a GNU toolchain already created for RISC-V it means we already have an assembler and compiler ready and waiting for our machine. So lets get rocking and create the ultimate in homebrew projects.


Mailpile: Too Cool for PGP

Some kids are just too cool for school.

And some security experts are too cool for OpenPGP.

It's almost become a rite of passage for security folks: work in the trenches, build a reputation, climb the ivory tower, write a detailed epiphany about why you've given up on PGP. Suggest we all buy an iPhone and use Signal, start giving people phone numbers instead of e-mail addresses......

Christmas Cookies


Fabio 3 mesi fa
in ufficio.. eh.. ti aspetto per pranzo?

Tobias 3 mesi fa
They are looking good :-)


Making an MSX font

I figured, for this and future posts I have planned about MSX, that I wanted an MSX font face. I browsed the web a bit for one and found nothing that I liked...
Fabio 3 mesi fa


Fabio 3 mesi fa
and it's even better with

export PS1="\#0 \h:\W \u\$ "


Tobias 3 mesi fa
hihi :-)

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