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Oliver 5 mesi fa da ~f mobile web

Tobias 5 mesi fa da open socialverse
oh no /o\ though that will be a great reason why one could not do any homework. It got smashed by a giant block fallen from the sky


Oliver Kreylos' Research and Development Homepage - Augmented Reality Sandbox

Oliver Kreylos' research and development homepage. Augmented Reality Sandbox - A mixed real / virtual system where users can create a topographic surface by shaping sand, which is then color-mapped and augmented with topographic contour lines and simulated water using a Kinect 3D camera and a data projector.

It's me or /parse_url/ (the mod used to get embed code from "web link" dialog in jot) is returning an empty page all the time?

@Friendica Developers @Friendica Support
Steffen K9 5 mesi fa
How can I test this? Adding a link in the editor and watching the browser console?

Fabio 5 mesi fa
Mmmh.. on a second check, the page I tried to add as web link was and it's full javascript..
The parse_url request is
which looks like returns an empty string.
I think isn't a good think to return an empty string. at least a [url]link[/url] tag should be returned always


YouTube: Plains, Capes and Turnips (David Lindskog)

Fabio 5 mesi fa
looks like a bug..

Sandro 5 mesi fa
For some reason I feel it the weight of filing it. Where would the bug be ? My vier is different from your vier ?


Memtype: Open Source Password Keeper

Memtype project is a low-cost and open source solution to store your passwords for having them available everywhere in a tiny and portable USB form factor device.

The device is based on the Atmel attiny85 device and uses V-USB software solution to have USB communications and enumerate as a keyboard.

The project started with the idea... what's the cheapest way of having a USB stick with all your passwords ?

About security... the device can't be accessed without entering a 4 digit PIN and all credential info is encrypted using NOEKEON cipher (we use this cipher as AES implementation is too much for the little attiny85).

The project can be found at: <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

YouTube: memtype How it works (Area0x33)

@Gruppo Linux Como


Galactic Tick Day

Galactic Tick Day is set aside to acknowledge our Sun's motion, our progress around the home galaxy, and to celebrate humanity's knowledge of this motion.
The 235th Galactic Tick Day is later this year on September 29th, 2016. Let’s celebrate together!

Inizia: Giovedì 29 Settembre 2016 @ 0:00

Tobias partecipa.


Galactic Tick Day

is set aside to acknowledge our Sun's motion, our progress around the home galaxy, and to celebrate humanity's knowledge of this motion. Next Galactic Tick: September 29, 2016

Tobias 6 mesi fa da open socialverse
I would say the uncertainty is big enough that everyone can "tick" at midnight ;-)

morph 6 mesi fa da Yaics
@tobias Thunderbird Lightning calendar cannot repeat an event after every centi-arcsecond. :-/
Non piace a Elena ``of Valhalla''.

Now I'm tempted to try and make remind do it.

#Jolla updated to last SFOS this morning. I still have to find what is changed... :-)

Elena ``of Valhalla'' wrote the following post: yes.
Fun? yes.
Involves our Feline Overlords? yes.
I've pledged. (just 1£, because it *is* useless, and I'm not even going to see the results, since I don't think I'll be in the London tube in the nearby future)


Fabio 6 mesi fa
:-D It's my Jolla client that resize the image before upload it and remove exif tags. but a bug there is because I re-rotated the image via web interface but the miniature is still wrong...

Steffen K9 6 mesi fa
Nice T-shirt. :-)

Fabio ha cambiato Stato civile in “Sposato”

- Visita profilo pubblico di Fabio

Jacopo Girardi 6 mesi fa
"stato: sposato per due giorni"

Tobias 6 mesi fa da open socialverse
Congratulations and a wonderful time together! :-)
Questa voce è stata modificata (6 mesi fa)

Tobias 6 mesi fa da open socialverse
that's a nice idea, I should have a look if I still have one lying around somewhere :-D

Rebeka Catalina 6 mesi fa
Take one from an old HDD - those are very good :-)

Sandro kensan 6 mesi fa
Attaccato al frigo con un magnete?

Steffen K9 6 mesi fa
Yes, that's the joke. ;-)