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Sopra la panca la capra campa,
sotto la panca la capra crepa.


Davide De Prisco 5 mesi fa
noooooooo dobbiamo adottarne un paio per le fiere

albertuxone 5 mesi fa da Friendica for Android

Papa Francesco a Monza: miglior tempo sul giro.


ModMyMods Raspberry Pi Mini Water Cooling Kit (MOD-0171)

The Raspberry Pi water cooling kit is now here. Watercool any embedded device with a 15mm by 15mm surface. By Liquid cooling your Raspberry Pi you can hack away with no trouble. This kit even supports raspberry pi clusters!
Tobias 5 mesi fa
There are some things that don't make much sense for me... I mean ok, as a DIY project, just to have it and for the fun of doing it making it with LED illumination controled over the Pi and making the coolong system needed, but getting it in a set all together o.O

Fabio 5 mesi fa da Friendly
But it makes your Pi so.. cool! ...

#encripted #im #groupchat #kontalk @Gruppo Linux Como

Kontalk 4.0.0 - final group chat release

After a very long time... Compared to beta6.1, there are just a few bug fixes. For those coming from 3.1.10, here is a quick list of changes: group chats toggle encryption per chat internal logging system sticky conversations new app icon by Giovanni Lauricella organize preferences by category more reliable registration procedure Group chats work fine, but as a community project we always need your feedback for both bugs and improvements. Don't hesitate to open bugs at GitHub or discus...

albertuxone 5 mesi fa da Friendica for Android
Vuoi "non creare" un gruppo gl-como? :)

Sandro 5 mesi fa
Vengo anch'io !


Oh no! This package is #Python 2 only

Oh no! This package is Python 2 only

You’re head down, working on a new project and one of your dependencies still doesn’t support Python 3 — argh!


I ♥ Free Software - Valentine's Day 2017 - FSFE

We should not underestimate the power of a simple "thank you" to motivate Free Software contributors in their important work for society. The 14th of February (a Tuesday this year) is the ideal day to do that.
Fabio 5 mesi fa
Fabio ha taggato stato di Fabio con #ilovefs

Oh, now I can use my bank's app on #jolla :-D

Effectively using Android without Google Play Services with gplayweb in Docker - François-Xavier Aguessy's homepage

There are many good reasons of using Android without Google Play Services (the Google's proprietary part of Android operating system), mostly to protect its privacy. Google Play Services contain background processes used by Google not only to provide services (e.g., push notifications, accurate geolocation combining GPS, Wi-Fi and ...


Mucche girovaghe a Brenna: la storia di Athena e Rosetta, in fuga per la libertà - Il Giorno

C'è anche una petizione online per salvare i due animali scappati dalla Fiera di Rogoredo e sopravvissute libere all'inverno
Como sta diventando sempre più un posto strano... prima i mufloni sui tetti, poi le mucche in fuga...

Soon it will be easy to spot a software developer. They'll be the ones in the self-driving cars looking utterly terrified.


C’è un muflone sul tetto, sorpresa a Como

Come sia finito sul tetto è ancora da capire. Fatto sta che questa mattina i residenti di una casa in via Prudenziana a Como, a un passo dai boschi che
Non piace a Marco R..

So long and thanks for al the waffles!

Jason Robinson 6 mesi fa
Damnit, I forgot the waffles :'-(


CityBikes: bike sharing networks around the world

Some years ago we wanted to create an android app for our local bike sharing system and found out there was no open data available for us to do so. Other systems around the world had exactly the same problem. Instead of creating yet-another-app, we created Citybikes, a project that provides bike sharing data for apps, research and projects to use. ...

Got into Distributed Web dev room. Missed first two talks because wake up late and room was full... #fosdem2017
Jason Robinson 6 mesi fa
At end of queue downstairs..


albertuxone 6 mesi fa da Friendica for Android
Ve la lasceranno palpeggiare Teresa?😛

Fabio 6 mesi fa
Intanto abbiamo palpeggiato il piccì di Olimex...