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Stupid Shit No One Needs & Terrible Ideas Hackathon

Innovationslosigkeit, Überflüssiges und bescheuerte Ideen kommen in eine Stadt in deiner Nähe! MACH DICH NUTZLOS UND SEI DABEI! What is this shit? Check the latest stupid shit from NYC HERE. Thanks to Sam Lavigne, Amelia Winger-Bearskin & Alex Tolar....


Burger Runner

Plain javascript from scratch (no frameworks, no jQuery :-) )

Temporary level tiles from (I think...)

Temporary player sprites from.. ehm.. a well know mustached one...

Fabio 5 mesi fa
because I found it too late.. but both are a temporary solution..

Tobias 5 mesi fa da open socialverse
I think the level should advance in the dungeons of the Burger factory down below that cliff one usually jumps over in the beginning...


Rust + nix = easier unix systems programming

Lately I’m writing lots of Rust, and I’m particularly interested in systems programming on unix. I’ve been using and contributing to a library called nix1, whose mission is to provide ‘Rust friendly bindings to *nix APIs’. In this blog post, I hope to convince you that you might want to reach for Rust and nix the next time you need to do some unix systems programming ...

#rust #linux #system


Velocipedia - Gianluca Gimini

You might have noticed there’s something wrong with this bike. Or you might have not.
This bicycle is missing a very important part of its frame and it would immediately break if it actually existed and someone tried to ride it.Let me explain everything from the beginning...



Oliver 6 mesi fa da -friendica
When I was a boy ... there was absolutely no internet :-|

#ownlcloud to 9.0.1

everything looks ok, by now... - - Circuit Simulator

This electronic circuit simulator is highly interactive giving the feeling of playing with real components. It's very helpful for experimentation and visualization. Best of all, thanks to the power of HTML5, no plug-ins are required!


OpenPGP Best Practices -

We have gathered here a lot of information about configuring GnuPG. There are detailed explanations for each configuration suggestion. Many of these changes require you to make changes to the GnuPG configuration file on your machine located at ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf ...

#OpenPGP #GnuPG #GPG


FFmpeg Howto

Encoding,Muxing and Wrapping,Demuxing and Unwrapping,Timecode Management...
Sandro kensan 6 mesi fa
Ho tentato di convertire alcuni miei OGG in mp3 per via di uno stereo che accetta solo mp3 di mio nipote, ho dovuto scaricare dai repository ffmpeg dal canale Tainted altrimenti nisba.

Fabio 6 mesi fa
non so, io sono su Arch... qui viene completo.. :-)


How bad is the Windows command line really?

Kevin Gallo just announced Bash support on Windows.

If you have never had to interact with the Windows Batch language, this might not seem like such a big deal. Surely Batch could not be substantially worse than Bash, right?
Fabio 6 mesi fa
I mean...
The time a batch script takes to execute is at least O(n*(n-1)/2) (aka O(n^2)) in the LENGTH OF THE FILE, INCLUDING COMMENTS. The reason is that the batch engine reads the entire file, then executes a line, then reads the file again, then executes another line, and so on.

waitwhat? WHY?

LIFO wrote the following post:
Genuino Day al FaberLab di Tradate
questo sabato, il 2 Aprile, dalle ore 14:30 alle ore 20:00 si terra' un incontro speciale presso il FaberLab Tradate.
Si tratta di un incontro aperto a tutti: chiunque puo' portare un proprio progetto (anche non finito) che usi hardware libero (Genuino, Arduino, Espruino, Raspberry, ....) per poterne spiegare le potenzionalita', i problemi e le soluzioni trovate.
Cosi' come chiunque puo' venire solo per vedere e conoscere il mondo dell'hardware libero.

Dalle ore 15:00 alle ore 16:30 (circa) si terra' inoltre un talk di Elena Grandi ("of Valhalla") dal titolo "Basi di Git": di seguito l'abstract del talk.

... mostra di più


Cosmic Trip Festival | Wild n'crazy Rock n'roll Festival

Depuis 1996 le Cosmic Trip c'est un festival et une tournée nationale. Retrouvez la crème de la scène rock’n’roll, garage & surf internationale ainsi que les fameuses Boogaloo Party.

got the tickets! yay!

Elena ``of Valhalla'' wrote the following post:

Dr Stoll: Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the GPL

My Free Software journey starts with The Cuckoo’s Egg. Back in the early 90s a family friend suggested I might enjoy reading it. He was right; I was fascinated by the world of interconnected machines it introduced me to. That helped start my involvement in FidoNet, but it also got me interested in Unix. So when I saw a Linux book at the Queen’s University bookshop (sadly no longer with us) with a Slackware CD in the back I had to have it.