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ConfNav is a conference schedule planner with support for Pentabarf XML. ConfNav uses appcache and localstorage to allow offline functionality.
(ok, isn't full-fetaured as giggity, but... )


CGA in 1024 Colors - a New Mode: the Illustrated Guide

By now you may have heard of the 8088 MPH demo , the winning entry in Revision 2015 's Oldskool Demo compo this month.  It's been my pleasur...

@Python Forum

The only problem with Python 3’s str is that you don’t grok it

I’ve found myself explaining Python 3’s str to people online more and more often lately. There’s this ridiculous claim about that Python 3’s string handling is broken or somehow worse than Python 2, and today I intend to put that myth to rest. Python 2 strings are broken, and Python 3 strings are sane. The only problem is that you don’t grok strings.

I've thought about starting a podcast for curating great talks for a while.

Today I re-listened to Aaron Swartz' great talk about how he was able to get the internet to join forces to fight and win an important battle against extreme odds. And I thought: This is the perfect start for my podcast, in these gloomy times.

I had to get it out today, the day after the four year mark since Aaron's tragic suicide. So everything isn't quite perfect yet. But if you'd still like to subscribe already the URL is

But whatever you do, please listen to this fantastic story. David vs Goliath got nothing on this!





uMap let you create maps with OpenStreetMap layers in a minute and embed them in your site....


Tiny remote control for DOS

TINY is a set of programs that lets you control a DOS computer from any Java-capable machine over a TCP/IP connection. While it is unlikely that this functionality will be usefully to anyone these days, the Java-based viewer has some interesting code in that is able to exactly replicate the appearance of an old-style DOS text screen with correct colors and fonts. This code might be useful (or at least nostalgically interesting) to someone.


Firefox bookmarks to ActivityStreams 2.0

This is a script to convert a Firefox bookmarks export to ActivityStreams 2.0 so you can import it into your own website or ActivityPub system.

You can export Firefox bookmarks as HTML, but if you choose 'backup' instead of export, you get JSON. So this is just a couple of PHP functions which parse that JSON, pull out the useful information, and shuffle it into AS2 objects.


Mario Vavti 4 mesi fa
I am all for tabs since then everybody can set the indent to a value (tab width) he feels comfortable with...

@Fabio are you implying that people use a non-monospaced font?

Oh, right, Computer Modern.


Car allergic to vanilla ice cream

A complaint was received by the Pontiac Division of General Motors: "This is the second time I have written you, and I don't blame you for not answering me, because I kind of sounded crazy, but it is a fact that we have a tradition in our family of ice cream for dessert after dinner each night. But the kind of ice cream varies so, every night, afte...

Non piace a Sandro.
Tobias 5 mesi fa
Somebody should be elected to ensure that the local repository all the devs just had pushed towards, is synced with an remote repository as well.

That's configured by default in the local repository, isn't it?

It is on my gitolite server...

Tobias 5 mesi fa
I don't know. In a business the 1st place to push to could be a local server located in the IT center of the firm. Where they then take care of the backups. I don't think it would be wise to just push it into the cloud to some cheap code hosting.

... eh?

Davide De Prisco 5 mesi fa
tipo influenza aviaria?

Fabio 5 mesi fa
non so, causa chiusure mentali? perchè pare siano preoccupanti


$89 Pinebook Linux Laptop To Go On Sale Next Month - OMG! Ubuntu!

Have you been patiently waiting for further information on that cheap and cheerful (if not hugely powerful) $89 Linux ARM laptop we mentioned last year?

At the time of our article we shared the specifications of the notebooks, their price, and their potential performace.

But that aside we didn’t know anything else, like when the device might actually go on sale.

Well, now we do.

Read the rest:

#pinebook #arm #gnu #pine64

@Gruppo Linux Como

albertuxone 5 mesi fa da Friendica for Android
Casse dilapidate da Treddi? :(

Davide De Prisco 5 mesi fa
no, 3ddy ha dilapidato le mie.... la cassa del GL e' sempre stata vuota!


Perpetually Talking Online

Read the full documentation on GitHub The latest release is available here If you find PTO useful, tell others about it! Perpetually Talking Online (PTO) is an IRC frontend to the federated Matrix network. It aims to enable as many people as possible to use an existing Matrix homeserver with their existing IRC clients, and provides a radically expa...
Sandro 5 mesi fa
Nice! Are you setting up your own server already ? Does it need a running synapse server of your own ?

Arto 5 mesi fa
Hmm, it says here:
that this project is no longer being worked on?

Fabio 5 mesi fa
Yep, I saw after posting that the last commit is in march 2016.
But on Friendica Matrix channel MilkManzJourDaddy says that a Matrix IRC daemon is in the works...


Still File

A series of 4 photographs recreating computer renderings as physical scenes.

Fabio ha pungolato Davide De Prisco

Fabio 5 mesi fa
così, che mi annoio...

Davide De Prisco 5 mesi fa
e dillo a me.... in ditta siamo rientrati in 3 e i miei siti di acquisti online son chiusi per ferie

Buon anno. E che ce la mandi buona.
albertuxone 5 mesi fa da Friendica for Android

Sandro 5 mesi fa

#things to build

Pi MusicBox - A Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Music player for the Raspberry Pi, with remote control

Easily play Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Music, Podcasts, Webradio, Subsonic on your (DIY) audio system using the Raspberry Pi and control it from your couch! AirPlay and DLNA streaming included!

Qualcuno che ci piace l'ammerigani sta bevendo un pessimo caffè da asporto dul treno stamattina. E lo dico solo dall'odore....