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If you weren't at #Fosdem or, like me, didn't managed to go to all the talks you wanted to follow then you can watch them on #PeerTube:

Hosted by @tedomum

I tried searching for the "distributed social network" video but didn't find it. Searching on PeerTube sucks, btw, you cannot see all title of each video so I have to move mouse cursor to each in turn and wait 1 second for the popup to give me the title :/

which "distributed social network" video?

I don't know if such video exists, but there were one or more presentations about distributed social networks ? Or am I confusing the events ?


This year as well I'll be at #FOSDEM in Bruxelles

Anyone wants to join in for a Mate (or a beer)? :-)

@Friendica Developers

Sadly I don't think that I will make it :-/

Elena ``of Valhalla'' doesn't like this.

FOSDEM 2017 - Accepted developer rooms

I see there is a "Decentralized internet" room for the first time, great news! Anyone from #Diaspora, #Friendica, #Hubzilla, #GNUSocial, #Pumpio, #Mediagoblin or other #decentralized social network project peeps planning to submit talks? Doesn't look like the call for proposals is out yet for this room. Will be sure to spend some time in this room in any case.

@MediaGoblin (Christopher) - maybe a good chance to push out #ActivityPub if you're planning to attend this year, hmm?

#FOSDEM #decentralize #internet #thefederation

So friendica on PHP 7 should run twice as fast and with less memory footprint... Anyone can confirm this ?

It runs definitely faster but I couldn't get the colorbox acl popup to open

I can tell you that generating new string.php files from messages.po files with PHP7 is not notably faster then with PHP5.6. It might in fact be faster (I have not made any measurements with neither version) but the task is done so fast, that it does not matter anyway ;-)

I've not installed PHP7 on my node though.

i primi 2 secondi.... poi "dns sicuri"

si, più o meno..

In Bruxelles for #fosdem! At Delirium cafe this evening, if we manage to get in...

ave fun @Fabio !
check out if you can spend/invest bitcoins! Maybe some printing, or some provisions!

#fosdem #jitsi
Jitsi Videobridge

Jitsi: Jitsi Videobridge | Jitsi (admin)

da quello che ho letto (purtroppo non sono riuscito a seguire il talk e non ho avuto occasione di fermarmi allo stand) è una cosa agli inizi dello sviluppo. La demo (quella nello screenshot) gira solo su chrome, per esempio

Il video del talk sembrerebbe essere online (ma ancora non l'ho scaricato per controllare che funzioni correttamente)

Indeed it's almost dead.
Roadmap lists only some structural work, nothing that users will see.

A graph of repo activity shows that there's activity and that activity is more or less constant in time, so it's no so dead :-)

That's what I think: Thunderbird main work is to receive, index and store email. Every other fancy feature you want you can get via extensions (calendar, gmail-like conversation threads, mail tags, etc). So I don't think is so bad if we consider Thunderbird as the core of the application that has reached his goal and so the development can slow down.

Anyway, in the talk was mentioned two main changes they are woking on:
- mime.js, a pure js library to parse email, to replace the messy C code
- a new contact module (to replace the current messy C code..), more modular, with plugins for "local contacts", "carddav", "google contacts", etc...

- Mozilla Persona: nothing new. (we need to implement an ID Provilder in ~friendica ~friendica :-) )

- Opensource Miracast ( ) : open source implementation of Miracast (HDMI over WiFi).. in it's initial state, shows that the protocol is quite a mess (my first trip out Mozilla's room :-) )

- Lunch: an hamburger at "Like your Mum". Guys, my mum never worn earrings like that!

- now: WebAudio API in Firefox

#fosdem #mozilla #miracast

I have used mozilla persona but it is implemented only in sperimental sites.

All Mozilla sites should use Persona, but yes, it doesn't have a wide adoption right now.
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Haida is a full concept that aims to propose a radically different user experience in line with the DNA of Mozilla

Why? Which one? How much? :-)

#fosdem #mozilla #android

and at the very end the main point: rendering performance... "we're working on it." :-)


App manifest should be per-site or per-profile, not per-theme, imho.

@Tobias there was a conversation some time ago on Red about creating a webapp here