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Last keynote at #FOSDEM2015 : "Living on Mars"

Has been a pleasure, see ya! :-)

Dependency management with Composer... let's see...


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Federaton in mediagoblin with pump at python track #FOSDEM2015 (i know, could be everyting feom the photo...)


diaspora* booth at #FOSDEM2015 . Next year we should be all here with a #fediverse booth

And I think we should do a hackathon each year :) Maybe the next time a whole week.

Matrix has a booth upstairs in building K. But yes.

Long day, today. Wakeup at 4:30 to get the plane, in Bruxelles at 11.00. A copule of our at Delirium Cafe, now it's time to sleep. See you all tomorrow at the welcome talk :-) #FOSDEM2015