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Indeed it's almost dead.
Roadmap lists only some structural work, nothing that users will see.

A graph of repo activity shows that there's activity and that activity is more or less constant in time, so it's no so dead :-)

That's what I think: Thunderbird main work is to receive, index and store email. Every other fancy feature you want you can get via extensions (calendar, gmail-like conversation threads, mail tags, etc). So I don't think is so bad if we consider Thunderbird as the core of the application that has reached his goal and so the development can slow down.

Anyway, in the talk was mentioned two main changes they are woking on:
- mime.js, a pure js library to parse email, to replace the messy C code
- a new contact module (to replace the current messy C code..), more modular, with plugins for "local contacts", "carddav", "google contacts", etc...

- Mozilla Persona: nothing new. (we need to implement an ID Provilder in ~friendica ~friendica :-) )

- Opensource Miracast ( ) : open source implementation of Miracast (HDMI over WiFi).. in it's initial state, shows that the protocol is quite a mess (my first trip out Mozilla's room :-) )

- Lunch: an hamburger at "Like your Mum". Guys, my mum never worn earrings like that!

- now: WebAudio API in Firefox

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I have used mozilla persona but it is implemented only in sperimental sites.

All Mozilla sites should use Persona, but yes, it doesn't have a wide adoption right now.
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the room is packed

Haida is a full concept that aims to propose a radically different user experience in line with the DNA of Mozilla

Why? Which one? How much? :-)

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and at the very end the main point: rendering performance... "we're working on it." :-)



App manifest should be per-site or per-profile, not per-theme, imho.

@Tobias there was a conversation some time ago on Red about creating a webapp here

Debian Mozilla team APT archive
The #Debian #Mozilla team provides various versions of some Mozilla related packages for use on different Debian systems. The following wizard helps you to find the packages suitable for your system.

If you upgrade Iceweasel with this to the latest version, currently 25, type in about:config, search for tls and set security.tls.version.max to 2
You will now use tls 1.1 & tls 1.2, if available on a website.

It's a thing also on last firefox on other systems?
On Firefox 26.0/Win "security.tls.version.max" = 1 ..