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Updating right now....

#jolla #SailfishOS
Sailfish OS Seitseminen is now available

Looks great on my #JollaOne Thanks @Jolla

poi adesso mi funzionano anche quasi tutte le notifiche...

anche troppo

TreNò 0.3

La nuova versione 0.3 di TreNò, l'applicazione #SailfishOS per visualizzare le informazioni della rete di Trenord, è nello store.
Questa versione sistema la logica di aggiornamento dei treni e aggiunge la possibilità di cercare tra le stazioni e di vederne le partenze e gli arrivi.

#trenord #trenò #trenordn't

you created? looks good 😍

Yup. It's the one described in that screenshot, which is from the store. It's for SailfishOS. (and it's quite useless outside Lombardy region in Italy :-) Talking about a market niche... )

like this design, simple and clear

wrote a app is just for fun, no matter how many user use it, isn't it ? DiCa user not over 100, but I still enjoy on develop, haha, BTW, you live in Lombardy? I been there (como) few years ago, nice city 😍

I'm happy you liked my city! :-D

Some screenshots from the actual app:




(edit: reuploaded images to remove unwanted posts ..)
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keep your good job, BTW when my train will arrive? haha


it's look like widget, seems flexible on UI

#SailfishOS is now available to download on Planet Computers
#GeminiPDA as a community edition! Follow our blog to read about our plans to commercialise it with all the expected features!!

We are proud to present the next generation of #SailfishOS, the independent mobile operating system: #Sailfish3 is here!

Read more:

Friendly dev news


New version of #Friendly, the ~friendica ~friendica client for #SailfishOS , is coming.

With improved layouts (no more long text out of page boundaries!) and support for private messages, and release on OpenRepos!

Code here

It's almost ready, needs some small fixes. It's a good time to submit translations :-D
#Friendly #SailfishOS blog friendica

As I currently have a problem with the SDK, could you make a screenshot of the PostDetailsPage in action so I can get the context of the Labels?

I really don't like the universal usage of "likes" :-)

Do you know if plural forms for Qt translations exist?

I'm not sure. We can change the label. Any suggestions? "liked by" ?

I was more thinking of the other strings of the form "% likes" which could use some singular/plural distinction.

For the labels I just kept the original for this page.

As per docs here it's possible to use "%n label(s)" . I'll see if this works also in QML...

I did not see anything in this direction in the Linguist, hence I was wondering.

After a quick test, I can do in qml qsTr("%n like(s)", "",, and the ts file will handle plurals.
Question is: what about "attend", "not attend" and "maybe attend"?
What's the best way to handle them in English? (dealing with the fact that "1 person not attends" is too long)

would be "1 not attends", "2 not attend" correct? making the base string "%n not attend(s)" ?

The same I think. 1 attendee, 2 attendees in Germany 1 Teilnehmender, 2 Teilnehmende.

Due my problems with the SDK I could not check if my translations are too long. But I'll check after the release and send you an updated resource file ;-)

But what about "not attend" and "maybe attend"? "1 not attend", "2 not attend" ... "1 not attendee", "2 not attendees" .. sounds wrong...
Or let's scrap the strings and use icons! :-D

It's not that important, for now I think. In German I would count the "Absagen" (Rejections ?) for not attending. Maybe attending is more complicated.

I've updated the strings to "%n like(s)", "%n dislike(s)", etc.. Qt Linguist should give you the possibility to enter singular and plural forms.

Ok, I'll have a look later!

In Friendiqa I have name+ will (not) attend for singular and number+ persons will attend for plural. Thats also easy to translate...

Sound and LED on Kontalk notifications in SailfishOS

On #SailfishOS 2 there is a file that maps #android apps to type of notification. If the app isn't in it, notifications will be mute.

The file is in

The quickier way to add Kontal is to ssh in your phone, become root and
# cd /usr/share/lipstick
# cp androidnotificationproperties androidnotificationproperties.back # just because..
#  echo "
" >> androidnotificationpriorities

See the thread on

To do: an app to edit this list..
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Just installed #SailfishOS #SDK and had a quick tour into emulator... looks cool!!

Sometimes I wish my JavaScript knowledge was better, then development of apps for the SailfishOS I need (plan for the cafeteria, updates to the Stardate calculator, ~f client) would be quicker. But the SDK is a sweet set of tools :like