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Cuer: New UI WIP - experimental Flatpak

So I managed to build a Flatpak of the current #wip "new_ui" branch, where I'm trying, with not so much success, to implement the mockup I draw a month ago.

If someone want to try it out, get the flatpak from here and let me know.

Some screenshots:

Immagine/foto Immagine/foto
#wip cuer
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Installed and run, it works! :D

Debian Stable (and, also Olive seems to work. At least, it starts ;) )
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[WiP] PhPhotoBlog


No multi user, no federation, no big features. Just a simple single user photo blog in PHP, using the Slim Framework

#wip #photo #blog


Burger Runner

Plain javascript from scratch (no frameworks, no jQuery :-) )

Temporary level tiles from (I think...)

Temporary player sprites from.. ehm.. a well know mustached one...

because I found it too late.. but both are a temporary solution..

I think the level should advance in the dungeons of the Burger factory down below that cliff one usually jumps over in the beginning...