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Fabio ha cambiato Stato civile in “Sposato”

- Visita profilo pubblico di Fabio

"stato: sposato per due giorni"

Congratulations and a wonderful time together! :-)
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Let's make Thunderbird's labels more visible

#Thunderbird is my favorite email client. It has many pretty features and it is very very configurable.
One of the feature I'm using are the labels. You can create a #label, give to it a name and a color, and then assign them to messages. Useful to mark a "TODO" or "important" or whatever.
You can also set a quick filter with labels, and find all "TODO" messages easy.
Messages with labels are listed with subject font color set to label color, which is not the best think if you have a white background and a light pink label.
And here we came in the ease of configuration of Thunderbird.
You can put a css file, named "userChrome.css", into "chrome" folder in your profile folder. #CSS rules in this file will be applied to Thuderbird's user interface. Very cool!
So, we can write a CSS to change the background color of labeled messag... show more
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I had no chrome folder in my profile folder, so i just created it. Works fine, thx a lot!!

@Silvia** Morgenstern Oh yes! I forgot to add that part

Banner Contest
Banner Contest - Rules and Information
Only a few days are left until you can submit your most creative, funny, advertising Banners, Logos or Pictures about our beloved Friendica!

But what is this all about and how can I participate?

The idea behind the contest is to find the best Friendica-related artwork out there and have it honoured on @Friendica Day It will then be published prominently so everyone can use it to include it on homepages, blogs and other social networks.

From May 04, 00:00 UTC you can submit as many entries as you like for exactly one week (i.e. until May 10, 23:59 UTC). Simply post the picture via Wall-To-Wall to this group (embedded or as an attachment, best as .png or .jpeg).
After that, people can comment your entries and more important, "lik... show more