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Updating right now....

#jolla #SailfishOS
Sailfish OS Seitseminen is now available

Looks great on my #JollaOne Thanks @Jolla

poi adesso mi funzionano anche quasi tutte le notifiche...

anche troppo

you created? looks good 😍

Yup. It's the one described in that screenshot, which is from the store. It's for SailfishOS. (and it's quite useless outside Lombardy region in Italy :-) Talking about a market niche... )

like this design, simple and clear

wrote a app is just for fun, no matter how many user use it, isn't it ? DiCa user not over 100, but I still enjoy on develop, haha, BTW, you live in Lombardy? I been there (como) few years ago, nice city 😍

I'm happy you liked my city! :-D

Some screenshots from the actual app:




(edit: reuploaded images to remove unwanted posts ..)
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keep your good job, BTW when my train will arrive? haha


it's look like widget, seems flexible on UI


Happy birthday #Jolla phone! 🎂 We are celebrating Jolla phone's 5th birthday and we want YOU to celebrate it with us 🎉 Head over to our latest blog post to learn more:

Oh, now I can use my bank's app on #jolla :-D

After some day of missed calls and messages notifications on my #Jolla, I realized that the #speaker had gone.
The "gently press the speaker area" trick didn't worked this time, so I got my smallest screwdriver and opened up the phone and cleaned the contacts. Everything works again. :like


Someone told me about a Turingphone, is it an equivalent alternative @Fabio ?

Turing Phone is waporware, afaik

#Jolla updated to last SFOS this morning. I still have to find what is changed... :-)

After about 3 hours I've been able to build a debug apk of Kontalk with a small patch which allow the app to work correctly on #Jolla alien-dalvik.
I'm happy :-)

Lo dicevo io.......well done Fabio!!👍👍

Otitmo lavoro !!!

If your #Jolla stops to play music through speaker
start playing some music,
remove TOH
press gently on the area where the speaker is until you hear music again.

In case:

Sto pensando di farmene una col copri-schermo...