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#owncloud #php #develpment

ownCloud and Tahoe-lafs

A #Tahoe node is run on same server as #ownCloud, configured with sftp access.

A remote drive via sftp is configured in #ownCloud

A file uploaded via ownCloud into Tahoe sfpt folder

The same folder viewed via localhost tahoe client

Now I want to try this to save backups of my server on tahoe

I do wonder why this appeared in the recent messages today (maybe a new like?), but... are you still running it?

Yup. Was a like. No, I'm not running it anymore

Do you miss your contact's #birthdays in #ownCloud #calendar after updating to 8.1.1?

Apply this patch to

Excellent! I just added that line to my contact.php and voilà!!

#ownCloud updated to 8.0.2 : everything seems to work.

I spent a couple of hours to write an experimental app for OC8 that adds a windowed interface


Nice one!

If I will get some time to fix some nasty bugs and to finish some basic features, I'll release it.. atm is quite unusable.. :-)