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Playing with #rust .
Compiler message aren't always easy to understand.
This, on the other side, is very nice:

[noparse]error[E0425]: cannot find value `idex` in this scope
 --> src/
23 | hash: hashblock(idex, timestamp, &data, &previous)
 | ^^^^ did you mean `index`?

error: aborting due to previous error

Yes, I did indeed!
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Programming #php in for over ten years. Debugger use: Never. There's no PHP debugger.

(Just joking, there's kind of a debugger with full trace and timing, but since PHP executions are usually contained, there's little need for it outside of pure speed optimization)

Sometimes I'd like to use xdebug instead of adding "echo", "var_dump" and "die()" to scripts.
But it works once and then it stops and I don't have time to debug the debugger.....

xdebug stops working?

It doesn't connect to the debugger, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong in config, but I never get the time to really look at it

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