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Year View 0.6.1

Last version of Year View has been published on ATN

What's new

  • Fixed compatibility with TB60
  • Fixed redraw when switching "Hide from year view" calendar options
  • Added a basic yearly "busy days" print view

note This version lose compatibility with older versions of TB/LN and with Seamonkey


Thunderbird 60 - Lightning 6

Work is in progress to port Year View to the last release of Thunderbird and Lightning.

Stay tuned!


Year View 0.4.5

New Year View version avaiable on GitHub

Upload to AMO is stuck, but you can download it from releases:

Future automatic update won't work if you install the addon from there!
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YearView 0.4.1 released

* Thunderbird compatibility raised from 3.0.* to 6.* (older thunderbird can use old version 0.3.5)
* Added seamonkey 2.2-2.4.* compatibility to install.rdf
* Fix disappearing week numbers in other view
* Fix tab bug when used with Gnatt View (need a fix on Gnatt View, see issue #6)
* Updated tr translation

Via automatic updates or on Mozilla Addons

fabrixxm pushed 1 new commit to master:
482f85faa [Year-View/master] add turkish translation

YearView 0.4.0, compatible with Thuderbird 5.0 / Lightning 1.0b4 is online!
At the moment the year print feature is not working, but it will be again in a future release