Year View Friendica

Year View 0.4.5

New Year View version avaiable on GitHub

Upload to AMO is stuck, but you can download it from releases:

Future automatic update won't work if you install the addon from there!

Year View Friendica

YearView 0.4.1 released

* Thunderbird compatibility raised from 3.0.* to 6.* (older thunderbird can use old version 0.3.5)
* Added seamonkey 2.2-2.4.* compatibility to install.rdf
* Fix disappearing week numbers in other view
* Fix tab bug when used with Gnatt View (need a fix on Gnatt View, see issue #6)
* Updated tr translation

Via automatic updates or on Mozilla Addons

Year View Friendica
fabrixxm pushed 1 new commit to master:
482f85faa [Year-View/master] add turkish translation

Year View Friendica
YearView 0.4.0, compatible with Thuderbird 5.0 / Lightning 1.0b4 is online!
At the moment the year print feature is not working, but it will be again in a future release
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