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fabrixxm / harbour-friendly

Friendica client for SailfishOS
- harbour-friendly /
Friendly 0.6.2
by Fabio 3 mesi fa a91cee1a6b
core Add reshare for public posts 3 mesi fa
icons Move code from 'friendly' project 3 anni fa
qml Show lock icon for private posts 3 mesi fa
rpm Friendly 0.6.2 3 mesi fa
src Revert "Use XHRFactory" 2 anni fa
translations DE translation update 3 mesi fa
.gitignore update gitignore 1 anno fa
.gitmodules added core submodule 3 anni fa
LICENSE Added LICENSE, TODO and 3 anni fa Added LICENSE, TODO and 3 anni fa
TODO update TODO 2 anni fa
harbour-friendly.desktop If settings aren't valid show placeholder and disable pulldown menu items. 3 anni fa Reworks some layouts 1 anno fa

Harbour Friendly


Clone with --recursive to initialize submodules

git clone --recursive

Open in SailfishOS SDK