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fabrixxm / harbour-friendly

Friendica client for SailfishOS
- harbour-friendly /
Friendly v0.6.0
by fabrixxm 8 mesi fa f2f1dcb5bb
core Update core 8 mesi fa
icons Move code from 'friendly' project 3 anni fa
qml Disable PM message alternate layout 8 mesi fa
rpm Friendly v0.6.0 8 mesi fa
src Revert "Use XHRFactory" 2 anni fa
translations Update DE translation 8 mesi fa
.gitignore update gitignore 9 mesi fa
.gitmodules added core submodule 3 anni fa
LICENSE Added LICENSE, TODO and 3 anni fa Added LICENSE, TODO and 3 anni fa
TODO update TODO 2 anni fa
harbour-friendly.desktop If settings aren't valid show placeholder and disable pulldown menu items. 3 anni fa Reworks some layouts 9 mesi fa

Harbour Friendly


Clone with --recursive to initialize submodules

git clone --recursive

Open in SailfishOS SDK

Fabio created new project 'harbour-friendly'
Friendica client for SailfishOS
Friendly 0.3.0-1


please remove old version before install this one.

What's new
- separated 'core' and 'ui', still wip
- network page shows placeholder text if settings aren't "valid" (for first run)
- new post and settings dialog scroll when keyboard covers them
- network page pagination
- add support for "favorited"
- add support for like/dislike
- show item activities count (like/dislike/attend)
- fix "reply" from item contextual menu

With last API update to friendica 'develop' branch, 'feature/notifications' branch of harbour-friendly starts to works.
Notification count in cover reflects unread notification, there is a page with a list of notifications, and touching a notification loads related conversation (and set notification as seen in friendica).
Now it miss a couple of timers to update notification in background, and maybe we get system notifications! 8-)

Friendly 0.4.1-1
With notifications ( "better notifications" if you tried 0.4.0 :-) )
Background notifications update works if phone not locked, but you'll get them while browsing the web :-P

Get rpm from