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Pubblicate le linee guida sull’acquisizione e il riuso del software nella Pubblica Amministrazione

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#frio #adwaita color scheme

#frio #adwaita dark color theme

GNOME3 default theme

(was already tagged "gnome" by @Tobias but didn't arrived on my side...)

Boss: "Here, write a piece on a new study by psychology researchers at New York University that finds how children as young as three years old are willing to punish others’ bad behavior, even at personal cost. It must have a title, a catchy subtitle , a nice intro, and at least a picture with an usefull description."
Writer: "But I don't really know what to write.."
Boss: "For yesterday."



Dal sito ho ripreso e tradotto l’articolo
Sustainable Authorship in Plain Text using #Pandoc and #Markdown. Presenta un modello di #scrittura "sostenibile" che usa il plain text e strumenti da riga di comando (#Pandoc e un briciolo di #Latex) Mi è sembrato molto interessante. La versione italiana si può leggere qui:
#softwarelibero @maupao @paolo @Ca_Gi @steko @wikimediaitalia

So, without "reply" property on an AS object , how I can find replies to a note?

@Michael Vogel

What is the excact usecase?

Given an url to a post, I want to fetch the ActivityStream object of that post (which I can do with a request with "Accept: application/activity+json" header) and of the replies to that post.
From a program "outside" the federation (I mean, not from inside friendica). It's for a stupid little project I'm making...
I could fetch user's outbox and look for "InReplyTo" of objects, but it could take a while...

I currently don't know any way. Possibly you can ask this in the SocialCG channel. And when you find out, we can implement it in Friendica.

machiccacchio è questo che viene dopo Gallagher? #concertone

"Give a man a program, frustrate him for a day.

Teach a man to program, frustrate him for a lifetime.”

-- Muhammad Waseem


2 people don't like this

The :dislike depends, if it was a Ferrari (or so) I would :like their humor for automatically execute unsigned HyundaiUpdate.exe from unverified USB drives ;-)

while I hate to link to Instagram content.. here it is:

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Ciao Fabio, stiamo mettendo su un server Friendica italiano, ti interesserebbe partecipare? Avremmo anche interesse a sviluppare alcune funzionalità.. da mobile non risco a mandare messaggi privati ( forse non sono capace)..

L'interfaccia web mobile nasconde effetivamente diversi (troppi) bottoni...
Faccio fatica a trovare il tempo di mantenere la mia di installazione (e quella del GL), pero' se serve una mano, sono qui: basta chiedere :-D

The Long Riders live in Sarzana, Italy



TIL: #gstreamer has a blacklist of plugins. You can't load a plugin you know is installed?
$ gst-inspect-1.0 -b

Check in ~/.cache/gstreamer-1.0/ ...



New testing Flatpak for Cuer

Some more work on Cuer:

- reworked history ui: another step towards the mockup
- fix notifications in flatpak
- renamed to "net.kirgroup.Cuer"

If you have an older version installed, please remove before install this.